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Graduate employers with an X factor

Graduate Employers

So you’ve sorted your STEM + X (how to combine science, tech, engineering or maths with your passion or interest) – but where will you work?

We’ve sussed out six awesome graduate employers all with an X factor. Yep, at these workplaces you’ll be able to mix your love of fashion and beauty, economics, health, creativity, design and construction, or cyber security with a career in STEM. Pretty cool, right?

Keep reading to find out more about these graduate employers, the work they do and the opportunities they offer graduates.

STEM + Fashion & Beauty

Company: MECCA

MECCA is a beauty service that curates the world’s top beauty brands for its customers. There’s a whole bunch of tech that goes on behind-the-scenes at this company, so if you’re looking for a digital gig to complement your passion for makeup and skincare – here it is.

Graduate opportunities: MECCA has a two-year graduate program that includes six-month rotations in up to four different departments. In the STEM arena, you’ll be exposed to some of the latest technologies in the market, as well as digital innovation through creating digital campaigns, integrating and implementing software in stores, and working on eCommerce features.

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STEM + Economics

Company: Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)

The RBA is Australia’s central bank. They conduct Australia’s monetary policy and issue our currency, so this is a great choice for anyone wanting a career in maths and data, technology and/or economics.

Graduate options: RBA runs three graduate development programs. There’s the Economic and Finance Program, where you’ll work across economics, financial markets, payments policy and more. If tech is your jam, they have the IT Jumpstart Graduate Program, and there’s also the Payments Settlements Program, where you’ll be at the centre of helping to formulate business policy for RBA’s critical payment systems.

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STEM + Health

Company: ANSTO

ANSTO is Australia’s nuclear science and technology organisation, and it’s where you’ll find the country’s leading scientists using state-of-the-art nuclear tech to find solutions to complex health problems like cancer. If you’re keen to team up science or engineering with health to make a difference to people’s lives, this is the place for you.

Graduate options: ANSTO has a Graduate Development Program which is a reputable leadership program focused on providing professional development opportunities and hands-on experience. If you’re in your final year of study or have recently completed a degree in nuclear engineering, electrical engineering, microbiology, data science (or any of these fields!), they want to hear from you.

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STEM + Creativity

Company: Canva

Aussie biz Canva is a graphic design platform where you can easily make social media tiles and stories, posters, presentations, infographics, t-shirts and heaps more. Perfect if you love all things design and tech!

Graduate options: Canva has a graduate program called Launchpad, which runs for 12 months and is perfect for anyone fresh out of university, high school, or for anyone wanting to make a change early on in their career. You’ll get to work on projects, as well as attend skills workshops and social events, and be supported by a mentor through the whole experience. Canva also offers a 12-week internship over summer in STEM areas like software engineering, data science, data analytics and UX design.

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STEM + Design & Construction

Company: Lendlease

Lendlease is an international property and construction company – they built the western hemisphere’s tallest residential tower and oversaw the restoration of tile pavements at the iconic Palace of Westminster. If you want to use your STEM skills to build big and be involved in international construction projects, you’ll want a 9-5 here.

Graduate opportunities: The Lendlease Global Graduate Program runs for two years and is all about offering learning and development opportunities in construction, digital, enterprise support and property development. There’s a huge emphasis on learning through doing, so you’ll get to work across teams, projects and roles while benefiting from networking and mentoring.

STEM + Cyber Security

Company: Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank is one of Australia’s “big four” banks. It provides a range of financial services like retail and business banking, plus funds management, insurance, and investment services. To keep their systems safe, they need cyber security experts at the ready!

Graduate options: They have a Technology Graduate Program that focuses on three specialities – Data Science, Engineering and Cyber. The Cyber program runs for 18 months and is flexible. Grads of this program have transitioned into roles in penetration testing, security engineering, security architecture and digital forensics.

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