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Super-charged training in a unique graduate job

Not all graduate programs are the same, so look out for one that’s ahead of the game.

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 By Laura Boness

When you’re starting a new graduate job, launching into a career that you had little exposure to during uni can be daunting. Luckily, some businesses offer grads super-fast, super-charged training to get you up to speed. If you know where to look, you could find yourself in a cutting-edge program that offers unbelievable training experiences.

Go global

At technology trading firm IMC, graduates are given the rare opportunity to start their career with an international training program. In their first week, fresh grads are flown overseas and spend six weeks training in one of IMC’s global offices, located in Chicago and Amsterdam as well as Sydney. Working with global teams and learning from other traders, analysts, engineers and developers, they quickly acquire all the basic tools needed to succeed in their role.

“Our 2017 trainees have just returned from a month in Amsterdam, and are now in Sydney to continue training with their colleagues from around the world,’ says Denya Tessier, Graduate Recruiter at IMC. “It’s a buzz to see these graduates already starting to build an international network with their peers.”

Immerse yourself in computer simulations

IMC’s training involves both classroom-based courses and immersive computer simulations, which are developed and delivered by the company’s experienced traders and engineers. These highly realistic simulations are set up to mimic the experience of working on an actual trading desk, which graduates will be doing within three months.

Once their basic training is completed, graduate traders at IMC go on to develop, maintain and enhance computational models and algorithms that control how assets are traded. They jump in and start trading, or collaborate with engineers to understand and improve the technical infrastructure behind their work.

Build a world-class skillset

When the formal part of their training is over, graduates continue learning on the job to develop a skillset that includes trading knowledge across the Asia Pacific market and programming expertise.

“When I left university, I didn’t want a job with mundane or repetitive tasks,” says graduate Trader Joel Larish. “IMC keeps me on my feet.”

“The trading world is extremely dynamic, the people around me are extremely intelligent, and the culture here is unmatched.”

Follow experts

While life at IMC is fast-paced and packed with learning opportunities, graduates aren’t left on their own. IMC pairs all graduates with an experienced mentor who has been at the company for a while. Mentors have usually undertaken the graduate training program themselves, and become a go-to person for any issues new grads run into once they return from training.

“We teach our graduates all the technical detail they require in their role, then they are given the opportunity to apply it on the job with support from their mentors,” says Denya.

IMC looks for graduates from a variety of STEM areas including physics, chemistry, maths, computer science and engineering. If this sounds like you, and if you’re after a cutting-edge graduate experience, find out more information here.

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“The world of trading is dynamic, the people around me are extremely intelligent, and the culture here is unmatched.”

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Fast facts

1. Graduate programs account for around 20% of the graduate job market.

2. Some programs recruit around the start of the year, while others take applications year-round.

3. Graduate programs can be very competitive and the application process involves good preparation, so make sure you know the requirements before you apply.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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