5 quizzes to prep you for postgrad life

OK so you're finished uni, now what? When it comes to starting a STEM career, the opportunities are limitless. Image: Shutterstock

If you’re thinking about what’s next after your (first!) degree, these quizzes should help you narrow it down

Graduate gig, travel, intern or more study? If you’re a recent – or soon to be – STEM grad, chances are your Google history is packed with pathway queries.

Should you do a graduate gig?

Graduate gigs – often contracted between one to four years – are entry level jobs designed to introduce fresh uni graduates to a company or industry that aligns with their study experience and career goals.

The structured programs often often rotate across departments, which allows for a broad development of skills and exposure to a variety of different roles. Although they aren’t the only option for university graduates, they generally provide a more extensive career development program than other entry-level jobs.

The best graduate programs will provide:

  • Extensive induction and training programs
  • Mentoring programs
  • Career progression planning
  • Excellent supervision and feedback
  • Compensation and benefits
  • A good work/life balance and inclusive company culture

There are loads of ways to seek out a suitable graduate employer. Most uni’s will share job opportunities with students in their final year, and lists like the The Australian Financial Review’s Top Graduate Employers list are a great resource.

Have you thought about doing a Masters or PhD?

Sure, a grad gig could be awesome, but have you thought about doing more study? It’s no secret that employers are crying out for STEM grads fluent in code, innovation and IT. But tech grads that have done postgraduate study? They’re even more likely to land a gig, with 80-90% employed within four months of finishing uni.

QUT grad Huynh Ngoc Tram Nguyen (Alice) spends 9-5 building machine learning solutions for the mining industry. Image: Emelie Dahlskold

QUT grad and software engineer Alice (Huynh Ngoc Tram) Nguyen, is one of them. Before she’d even finished her Master of Information Technology, the data science major received a permanent job offer in her chosen field – and that’s without even applying.

Now, she works as a machine learning engineer for next-gen mining company, GroundProbe.

“Along with loads of real-world study, joining and contributing to student clubs helped me boost my interpersonal skills and enhance my network with industry experts,” she explains. “I got full-time job offers through those networks before my graduation. Experts seem to have great consideration for QUT students!”

5 quizzes to prep you for life after uni

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Author: Cassie Steel

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