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Quiz: Can you guess these health careers?

Health careers quiz

From inventing biomedical devices to working with athletes to enhance their performance goals, careers in health are diverse.

But how much do you actually know about health careers? Take our fun quiz to see where you’re at. Why not challenge a friend to take it too? The person with the lowest score owes the winner a fruit smoothie!

Health careers – CV inspo

Is this the STEM path for you? Hooray! Here are some health pros who are doing incredible things in their fields. Read through their profiles to get their advice and see what steps they took to land their dream jobs.

For more health heroes, check out our role models section.

Extra health-y reads

We’ve got so many STEM + health careers stories over at our health section! There’s five awesome jobs you could get with a health science degree, as well as features on food science gigs, the fastest growing jobs in healthcare and how virtual reality is revolutionising remote mental health care.

Want to try you hand at more careers trivia? Check out the Careers with STEM quiz hub.

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