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Medical science careers are often associated with waiting rooms, stethoscopes and years of undergraduate study, but there are a bunch of health-based gigs that require a different kind of white coat.

Medical scientists work behind-the-scenes in the medical world, on everything from making sure equipment is working safely to carrying out in-lab testing and medical exams. They conduct MRI scans, biopsies, blood and hearing tests and operate some pretty impressive tech. Here are five of the coolest medical science careers in the field:

1. Medical lab technician

These guys work alongside physicians in hospitals, general practices, private clinics and research labs, carrying out tests to diagnose and treat patients. An average day might involve collecting blood samples, performing blood counts, carrying out tests to determine blood type and analysing fluids.

Study: Bachelor of Medical Science
Salary: Average $71,000 a year

2. Audiologist

If specialising is your jam, then perhaps focusing on the one medical field is for you. Audiologists work with patients on assessing, identifying and preventing hearing impairment, prescribing and fitting hearing aids and drafting ongoing treatment plans. They often score gigs at hospitals or healthcare centres where they work closely with other specialists in ear, nose and throat fields.

Study: Bachelor of Human Science or Bachelor of Clinical Audiology
Salary: Up to $102,000 a year

3. Pharmacy technician

Every chemist has at least one in-house pharmacy technician dispensing medications, reviewing prescription requests and liaising with patients. But the career also extends into hospitals, where there’s a little more lab time and work with IVs.

Study: Bachelor of Medical Science or specialised TAFE certificate
Salary: Up to $89,000 a year, with hospital-based techs earning a little more

4. Radiation therapist

Playing with simulators, CT scanners and an impressive line-up of medical imagining equipment is all in a day’s work for a radiation therapist, whose job is to draft, plan and execute radiation treatment for cancer patients.

Study: Bachelor of Medical Imaging or Bachelor of Applied Science
Salary: Up to $108,000 a year depending on experience

5. Biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineers spend their time creating solutions to problems involving both biology and medicine – think: designing artificial limbs, crafting and installing medical equipment and producing new systems to diagnose and treat patients. Problem solving smarts, attention for detail and high-level tech skills are all must-haves when competing for jobs.

Study: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Biomedical)
Salary: $93,000 a year is about average

Salary information sourced from payscale.com

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