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Here’s what a quantum career looks like

The government is getting behind quantum in a big way, so what does a quantum career look like and what do you study to get into it?

The Australian government has set an ambitious goal for the country to develop the world’s first error corrected quantum computer. What does that even mean, do I hear you ask?

Quantum technologies are based on the physics that occurs at the scale of atoms, and error correction is seen as the breakthrough needed to develop large scale quantum computers. 

Quantum computers are a big deal because they could solve problems faster and of a scale not previously seen in computing — even some of the world’s biggest challenges like climate change and food security.

In last night’s federal budget, the government committed big dollars — more than $100 million — to support quantum and AI in business. It’s says it will support projects that use quantum computing to solve significant national challenges.

Australia has already become something of a hotbed of quantum talent and innovation, but CSIRO reckons Australia’s quantum technology sector will have generated 19,400 jobs by 2045. If you’re thinking about a career path towards one of them, here’s a useful list of career resources.

Quantum + X

You could also think about combining quantum with your passion to find your dream job in a vast range of fields from working in health to starting your own company inventing a new quantum device.

There will soon be a new Australian Centre for Quantum Growth specifically aimed at commercialisation in Australia’s quantum industry, meaning there should be more demand for talented STEM graduates keen to work on solving quantum problems. And you no longer have to head overseas to do it!

If you’ve ever wondered what a quantum career is like, we’ve got lots of interesting profiles for you to check out. Getting into quantum could see you contributing to the next big breakthrough for humanity.


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