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How to kickstart your engineering career at the bank

CBA Graduate android developer Aizel Redulla (left) and graduate software engineer Maral Nalbandian (right).

The Commonwealth Bank is looking for diverse tech grads to join its world-class team of engineers

The Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s biggest bank, and they have a pretty clear message for computer science and software engineering grads who might be considering their career options: “Join us!” 

That’s because providing banking services to almost 16 million customers requires some pretty hefty tech talent. Just last year the bank announced it was recruiting 50 new engineers a month

In particular, Commonwealth Bank wants diverse and creative grads for its Technology Graduate Program, to help them redefine banking into the 21st century. You’ll be following in the footsteps of people like Shivang Nagar, Maral Nalbandian and Aizel Redulla – three recent graduates who all kickstarted their careers at Commonwealth Bank, and are now working in tech roles that match their unique interests and passions, from business to arts. You can read their stories here or in the latest edition of Careers with STEM: Engineering.

“Cutting-edge technology is the core of modern banking,” says Phillip Grasso-Nguyen, who had worked in senior technical roles at Google for 15 years before joining Commonwealth Bank as General Manager of Engineering. “Our engineering grads are working at the forefront of tech, using blockchain, DevOps, Kubernetes and even playing with robots and using the latest coding languages, like Go.”

How to land a graduate role at Commonwealth Bank

Tech undergrads looking at their options post-uni can submit an application for Commonwealth Bank’s 18-month Technology Graduate Program online (applications for the 2024 intake open in February 2023). 

The program has three areas of focus: cyber, engineering and data science, and graduates can choose to focus on one of these areas, or rotate between them. You don’t need to know exactly what stream you want to focus on before applying, although you will be asked to indicate a preference. Once you start the grad program, it can be tailored for you.

As you progress through the graduate program, you’ll also gain exposure to which of the many engineering teams is your best fit. Job opportunities stemming from the program are diverse and expanding, for example you could transition to a position as Site Reliability Engineer, Security Engineer, Data Engineer just to name a few, with roles based across Australia, including opportunities to work remotely.

The Commonwealth Bank also offers a 10-week Summer Intern program, which can be a great way to dip your toe in the water before applying for the graduate program. 

During the 10-week internship you’ll get a chance to network with your peers and future colleagues, and hone your skills in engineering (software, systems, data or machine learning), native mobile, architecture, infrastructure, cloud or cyber.

Interested in a grad position at the Commonwealth Bank? Meet more engineering grads who kickstarted their careers at the bank here.

This post is brought to you in partnership with the Commonwealth Bank. Find out more about their graduate opportunities here.

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