How to upskill for ultimate career adaptability

how to upskill for ultimate career adaptability

Looking to upskill? With change and flexibility being the name of the game, graduates should focus on developing in-demand skills, whether that’s through a uni degree, vocational training, online courses or on the-job-learning.


Upskill in one or two years

If you’ve got a year or two and you want to attend classes in person, you could consider a Diploma/Advanced Diploma from TAFE, uni or another independent study provider.

With plenty of tech courses to choose from, you can upskill in areas like IT, networking and cybersecurity.

The courses provide you with hands-on tuition help, and you can meet lots of like-minded people. Most importantly, you’ll graduate with an accreditation which will look great on your resume.

Former tradie Rory Geoghegan completed the Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems (CS) Engineering at RMIT and loved it. “It completely prepared me for industry certification”, he says.


Upskill in one year or less

If you’ve got a shorter amount of time to invest, there are plenty of online study options available if you’re looking to explore fast-growing career areas like data science, cybersecurity and AI.

Some online courses are six week structured programs, while others offer a selection of tutorials you can complete in your own time. These are great options if you’re a self-directed learner, as you can work completely at your own pace.

Many courses offer online support and forums are also a useful resource if you get stuck.



Upskill with a tertiary diploma/certificate

> > Diploma of Software Development, TAFE QLD

> > Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis, TAFE NSW

> > Diploma of Information Technology Networking, Holmesglen

> > Cert IV in Cybersecurity


> > South Metropolitan TAFE


> > Advanced Diploma of Network Security


Upskill in coding

Two unique programs which will qualify you with an IT Diploma and provide industry experience are the Coder Academy bootcamps. Check out their GenTech and Fast Track programs.


Get in-demand skills immediately online!


RMIT is the first Australian uni to offer an online course dedicated entirely to Blockchain:

> > RMIT Developing Blockchain Strategy


Web development

There are plenty of web development courses available online:

> > Udemy web development

> > Khan academy

> >



Courses in cyber-security include:

> > SANS

> > SANS Cyberaces (free)


Artificial Intelligence

> > Udacity

> > Nvidia

> >


Data science

> > RMIT Marketing Analytics and Insights

> > EDX

> > SAS academy for data science


Upskill in health

It’s not all about tech though. Jobs in health, nursing and rehabilitation services are consistently in-demand. In fact, graduates with these qualifications had an employment rate of over 80% in 2017 (the highest of all the tertiary qualifications), according to the Graduate Careers Report.

Even if you come from a completely different industry background, it’s never too late to consider a career change.

If you want inspiration, just check out the story of Rachel Jones, who worked as an architect for several years before deciding she wanted a career where she could help others. She’s now studying a Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging.

If you’re looking to fast-track your career in health, you could consider a TAFE program, like a Diploma of Nursing.

If you’re a uni graduate, you could enrol in a Graduate Entry Master’s, available at many universities Australia-wide. You could attain professional recognition in fields like Exercise Physiology, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy.


Health study options

> > Curtin University, health sciences postgraduate courses

> > QUT postgraduate health courses

> > UTS Graduate Entry Masters in health

> > University of Sydney health sciences postgraduate courses


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