Quiz: What shape is your CV in?

You’re almost done with studying – then what? Tell us how you’ve gone about writing your resume and and we’ll give you an honest reference. Holiday productivity = high

With 75% of Australia’s most in-demand occupations requiring science, tech, engineering and maths skills – and STEM jobs growing 1.5 times faster than any other industry – doing a degree in STEM is one seriously smart career move.

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According to Naren (pictured), STEM grads who can conduct research and solve complex issues will be sought after by employers.

And if you study it, but branch out elsewhere? Same deal! A survey for the Office of the Chief Scientist of Australia found that even if a job doesn’t directly need STEM skills, more than 82% of employers would value tertiary experience studying STEM in an applicant.

“STEM graduates know how to research, solve complex problems and apply creative thinking,” stresses Naren Chellappah of Career Success Australia. The seasoned job coach and program director has witnessed first-hand how attractive STEM skills can be.

“STEM graduates who can clearly show that they can analyse problems, conduct research and solve complex issues are always sought after!”

But what happens once you’ve finished studying? If you’re hanging by the pool/couch these holidays, take some time out to review your resume with this quick quiz. Your fresh, motivated 2022 self will thank you for it!


Cassie Steel

Author: Cassie Steel

As Refraction’s digital editor, Cassie Steel spends her days researching robots and stalking famous scientists on Twitter.


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