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Combine humanities and STEM

Humanities and STEM

Combine humanities and STEM? Yes, really! These two can go hand-in-hand. Discover how to connect your humanities passion with STEM subjects to build a dream career…

If you’re into ancient history…

Try geology: Study rocks and fossils and understand the truly ancient history of how the
Earth formed, how life began, what makes the landscape the way it is and how knowledge of past processes can reveal what’s happening around us today (think: climate change!).

Humanities and STEM - Geologist

Or add data science: Understanding how to process huge amounts of information is
an analytical process not unlike delving into theories of ancient cultures. You need to be able to trawl through the data and make decisions about what’s important, and then find new ways to communicate this to modern society.

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If you’re into international studies…

Try environmental studies: Global cooperation is essential to mitigating climate change. Studying international policy, economics, law, ethics and the interaction between the natural and built environment is a complex and rewarding task.

Or add cybersecurity: International studies covers business, diplomacy, advocacy and includes linguistic and cultural knowledge. These skills are also needed in a diverse range of cybersecurity careers – from understanding the ‘posture’ (read: preparedness) of different countries or companies’ cybersecurity risk awareness and strategies, to unravelling the signs of a cyber attack. Plus, jobs in cybersecurity are set to boom with 17,000 new jobs to fill by 2026.

If you’re into architecture or design

Try science + innovation: Some unis (like University of Newcastle and University of Technology, Sydney) are offering a combined degree, adding a Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (or Creative Intelligence and Innovation) to a Bachelor of Science degree. Your career goal? Invent the industries and technologies of tomorrow. From quantum computing to the green economy, science is basically about creating the future.

Or add computer science: Being able to manipulate things in 3D, understand data and visualise how people move through and use infrastructure can all be done better if you understand the technology behind the tools.

Humanities and STEM - Computer science

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If you’re into straight up science

Try science + gaming/business/communications/engineering/IT/creative industries/built environment… There are so many options when you first start studying. Although STEM careers are growing 1.9 times faster than other jobs,
getting a great job and being employable means following your passion -– because if you love what you do, you’ll be better at it. By combining STEM with your passion (or ‘X’) you can open yourself up to the careers that haven’t even been invented yet.

Still not sure how to combine humanities and STEM, or how to link your passion in with science, tech, engineering or maths? Our handy quiz can help! Discover your STEM + X right here.

This article originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Science 2021

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