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9 ways that code connects

Tech tools may be the newest kids on the block but they’re streets ahead in the communication game.

1 Ancient future

Journey back in time and experience pre-settlement Australia through Indigenous eyes with Virtual Songlines. The game-like software package creates an immersive 3D-virtual reality, letting you explore the culture, arts and heritage of Australia’s first peoples with stunning detail and accuracy. You can hunt for a kangaroo or collect firewood as instructed by your elder.

2 Digital Dreamtime

Explore Indigenous sites through augmented reality app Digital Rangers. Developed by Indigenous-founded enterprise Indigital, the app uses object, location and image recognition to trigger stories on your phone with holographic detail.

3 Meet and greet

Learn about the Indigenous heritage and culture of your location with the Welcome to Country iPhone app. Be greeted by an elder with a traditional ceremony video before learning about tribal customs. The app covers 30 tribes across Australia and can be used by tourists, schools, tourism organisations and government departments as an educational tool.

4 Connected care

Whānau Tahi’s global software was originally developed for the Māori community to connect individuals and families and their support networks with health and social service professionals. The company recently received recognition as one of four leading providers in the global health software space in the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year awards. &

5 Cashed up

You can easily manage and grow the contents of your piggy bank with online educational program KidsCoin! Complete the lessons online and deposit your virtual dollars into your virtual bank account. KidsCoin was developed by Ngai Tahu entrepreneur Brittany Teei, who launched it shortly after winning the DigMyIdea Māori Innovation Challenge in late 2015. &

Indigenous tech

6 Keep on track

Keep up to date with the latest information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural events, dates, services and significant places with the Trakka mobile app, created by the Indigenous Consulting Group working with elders and youth from the Fremantle community. & iTunes: & Google Play:

Indigenous tech

7 Lost in translation

Straker Translations makes clear communication quick and easy whether you’re grappling with Punjabi or Icelandic. Founded by Māori tech entrepreneur Grant Straker, the web-based service offers translation of more than 80 different languages for a range of sectors such as business, legal, television and tourism, and assists clients from all over the world.

Indigenous tech

8 On the job

Using innovative computer science technology, iWork Jobsite improves employment opportunities for disadvantaged and ‘digitally excluded’ Indigenous people, connecting jobseekers, from high schoolers to professionals, with potential employers. In its first three weeks of going live, iWork had almost 10,000 unique visitors.

9 Crack that code

Code Avengers helps you become a coding superhero, with online courses and coding camps so you can build your apps and games. The educational platform was recently a finalist in the Māori Innovation category of the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards. &

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