Video playlist: Inspiring women in STEM

Inspiring women in STEM
Lily Serna, data analyst at Atlassian and TV presenter. Image: Quentin Jones.

If you can see it you can be it! Get advice from women in STEM working in your dream fields.

Below, we’ve rounded up five videos from our YouTube channel that feature inspiring women in STEM. Follow their journeys and get excited about the incredible places they work and what they’re achieving. From maths to UX design, there’s a path for everyone.

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1. Talking Maths Careers with Lily Serna from Atlassian

If you’ve studied maths (like Atlassian data analyst and TV presenter Lily Serna), your next question might be; What are some careers in mathematics? Or how do I find maths jobs? Lucky for us, we got to ask Lily Serna all about how she got her start in maths careers! Stick around to find out why Lily loves the subject. She’ll also talk us through how we should get more women in STEM and girls in Maths!

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2. Careers with Code In Person: Amy Lo, Software Engineer

Amy Lo is a software engineer working on Google Photos. In this video, she chats about three things that have really helped her in her career, and where she aims to go in STEM.

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3. Noushin Nasiri

Materials engineer Noushin Nasiri talks about her study history and postdoctoral research on breath analysis that can detect diseases in the human body.

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4. These deadly sisters talk through their journeys into a career in STEM

Birrigubba Juru and South Sea Islander women Tessa and Celeste Carnegie work to promote the participation of women and Indigenous youth in STEM through non-profit Indigitek and Australia’s national science organisation, CSIRO. So how did they get their jobs and what’s a typical day look like?

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5. Google UX engineer Maegan Clawges

Thinking about mixing tech with design? UX engineer Maegan Clawges talks about her job at Google, her favourite technology and career highlights.

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Looking for more inspiring women in STEM?

We’re proud to have profiled hundreds of women in STEM combining STEM with their ‘X’ – their passion, interest or another field. These women in STEM represent diverse career options for young people looking to pursue a STEM career, and offer in-depth information on the individual pathways they took to get to where they are today. You can read their stories here.

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