Some like it bot: interactive bots for fun

bots for fun

One bot, two bot, red bots, blue bots. There’s a bot for everyone to while away the time, you’ve just got to find the right one. We’ve done all the hard work for you and found some bots that are loads of fun to interact with. Click away and venture far into the fun of AI.

Bot Poet

bots for fun- bot or not

Poetry buffs, we’ve found the interactive bot for you! This game, which you can freeplay or quiz, pits your human capabilities against judging humanity. Was the poem you’re reading written by humans or bots? Be warned, it’s harder than it looks!

Louis Theroux Twitter Bot

Alright, we might have cheated a little bit here. Other than liking, and retweeting, there’s not much interaction to be had with the Louis Theroux twitter bot… but you don’t need to interact to enjoy! Every tweet follows the same Louis-esque formula replete with his signature crazy characters. Louis’ great dry wit seemingly seeps out of every word as if Louis himself had written it. See some of our favourites below.


A Dark Room

bots for fun - a dark room

A Dark Room is one of our absolute favourites. It’s the text-based game that defies the assumption that games must have the most up-to-date graphics for enthralling gameplay. To start out, you only have a ‘stoke fire’ command to drive the game, but as you build your tools and resources you expand your capabilities. Build a little village and the people will come, but try not to get eaten by the mysterious creatures in the forest.


I Write Like

Another one for the creative writers, I Write Like is the bot that analyses your creativity and matches it to a famous author. Find out if your resounding ruminations are more J.K. Rowling or Oscar Wilde. It’s best to submit a general piece of writing, as bots are often biased towards content; Careers with STEM was continuously matched to science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke!

Evie Bot

bots for fun - evie bot

Evie bot is one of the infamous companion bots that learn to speak from our input. Youtubers can’t get enough of Evie, check out PewdiePie’s video to see her in action. Do be warned, as she’s picking up our vocab she’s not immune to swears or corrupt ideals so proceed with caution. Test out her self-awareness and you’ll find some surprising insights. You can even use her to practice your foreign language skills!



Lightbot - bots for fun

Lightbot is the game that teaches you programming in a way that feels more like brain-training. Lightbot comes in two options, one for the smaller kids, and one for all ages above 9 years old. Step the bots around the screen and light up all the blue squares, it’s as easy as that… but not as easy as it sounds.


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