IT jobs are on the rise ­– but not the ones you might think

IT roles in the service industry are booming – which is great news for computer science grads like Edmund Buzby – who works in digital forensics at a major bank. Image: Quentin Jones

While competition for jobs has doubled since COVID-19 kicked off, information technology gigs are back in demand.

Software and information technology (IT) grads seeking roles in the services sector are currently spoilt for choice, with LinkedIn’s most recent economic report revealing a serious growth in employment opportunities.

The survey compared the number of roles posted on the social platform between May and July 2020, and found that the amount of opportunities advertised in IT service-based industries – think: banking, retail, education, health and social work – had increased by a significant 16 per cent.

Alongside the spike was a decline in the amount of traditional tech sector-based hardware and networking vacancies, with advertised openings falling by 24 per cent.

As a result of the declines, LinkedIn found competition for roles has more than doubled during the year, from 20 applications per job in January to almost 40 applications per job at the beginning of July.

But the coolest news for current and wannabe computers science students to come out of the report, has to be the fact that software and IT employees are among the most confident that they’re not going to lose their jobs RN.

Yep, the LinkedIn-led 4,000-employee strong survey, sits IT professionals up the top of the workforce confidence list – just behind the transport and logistics, finance, mining and energy industries – which is huge considering how unstable the last few months have been.

Keen to get skilled up in IT?

If you’re keen to look into IT – and not just for its COVID-climate perks – there are loads of study pathway and specialisation options.

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Tertiary studies in computer science offer up solid, transferable skills that can be used in a host of awesome future-focused IT careers – not just traditional snoozy administrator roles. Want proof?

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