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Our 10 most downloaded Job Kits of all time – get your free copies!

Job Kits

The Careers with STEM Job Kits are free downloadable eight-page e-mags which offer a complete introduction to individual STEM careers

Discover what a specific STEM job is all about, meet real people working in that job and find out what you can do right now to set your career on the right path. Suss out what likeminded future STEM professionals have been reading up on… Below are our most downloaded Job Kits. Keep scrolling for a link to our entire library of them!

1. Biomedical Scientist

Biomedical scientists use their specialised knowledge, critical thinking and technical skill to solve modern health problems. They are the people who develop new vaccines, discover ways to kill pathogens and develop new treatments for diseases like cancer. 

Download here.

2. Game Designer & Developer

Did you know gaming tech is so much more than just entertainment, with applications in fields ranging from medicine to defence? Download this free Job Kit to find out more about careers in game design and developing. 

Download here.

3. Software Developer

Software developers make the technology we use every day – think: apps on our smartphones, programs we use on our computers and even the tech in our cars. They help make things work better and make our lives easier and more fun.

Download here.

4. Robotics & Automation Engineer

This free Careers with STEM Job Kit download is your introduction to robotics and automation jobs. Get inspired about jobs! of the future!

Download here.

5. STEM Educator

Teach the next generation all about the awesomness of science, tech, engineering and maths! Super-charge your future with insights, information and advice on careers in STEM education with this Job Kit.

Download here.

6. Sustainability Engineer

As a sustainability engineer, you’ll use STEM skills to work on solutions that will reduce our environmental impact, building a better future for everyone.

Download here.

7. Clean Energy Scientist

Clean energy scientists are at the cutting edge of renewable and sustainable energy research, conducting experiments, collecting data and designing and testing clean energy solutions.

Download here.

8. Business Analyst

Business analysts use their specialised data, tech, problem-solving and creative thinking skills to solve modern business problems. They assist businesses by gathering information, analysing data and making recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness – particularly during big changes like digital transformation and automation.

Download here.

9. Renewable Energy Engineer

Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy will require the very best humanity has to offer in innovation, ingenuity, effort and cooperation. The good news? We’re doing it, and that means job opportunities galore for those who want to be part of the revolution.

Download here.

10. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer Job Kit

If computer science AND data science both sound like fun to you, mix them both together and become a machine learning engineer. It’s a fast-growing field of engineering that’ll land you a job in all kinds of industries. Think health, agriculture, digital retail and more.

Download here.

Want more Job Kits?

We have 30+, covering all areas of STEM. Head on over to our Job Kits section to check them out.

We are making new Job Kits all the time, so make sure you’re subscribed to the Careers with STEM e-newsletter so you’re the first to hear about the latest drops!

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