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Artificial intelligence controls smart city via internet and hud interface with icons urban infrastructure. iot technology in information and communication technologies. Robot or cyborg woman with AI
Image: Shutterstock - Artificial intelligence controls smart city via internet and hud interface with icons urban infrastructure. iot technology in information and communication technologies.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence careers on the Australian workforce in the near future will be significant. We need to be prepared to take up the challenge. Fascinated by bots like Alexa and Siri? You can help create one of these! Read on to find out how.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics platform Faethmrecently predicted that 2.7 million Australian jobs are at risk from automation over the next 15 years.

However, there is a possibility that more than double the jobs can be created in near future. To do this, we need our future workforce to be ready and skilled.

Currently, the Australian Government is supporting AI in Australia by investing millions of dollars to help drive business adoption of AI technologies. The new job-ready graduates package supports the next generation of AI graduates.

AI technologies are key to building a stronger Australia. And to make that happen, we need AI-focussed technology graduates and skilled people.

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Artificial Intelligence includes a suite of technologies and is used across every industry, from agriculture to art, and music to medicine.

With the increasing demand for AI-skilled people, employers are struggling to fill job postings. To take your first steps down the career path of AI here are some skills, prospective courses and jobs that will help you make a decision.

Top skills required in Artificial Intelligence careers

Different kinds of AI and AI technologies require distinct sets of skills. Overall there are three fundamental kinds of AI – narrow or weak AI, general or strong AI and artificial superintelligence.

AI specialists need technical skills to design, maintain and repair technology and software programs. They need an understanding of how to translate highly technical information in an easy-to-understand manner. This requires good communication skills and the ability to work with colleagues in the team.

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

Below listed are six of the many skills that Artificial Intelligence careers involve.

  • Programming languages
  • Linear algebra, calculus and statistics
  • Data and statistical modelling
  • Signal processing techniques
  • Neural network architectures
  • Applied maths and algorithms

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Existing jobs and careers in AI

Artificial Intelligence careers are future-proof and AI will be involved in some of the most significant innovations and inventions post 2021. To get the most updated picture of jobs in AI, we went through, Jora, Glassdoor and Indeed. The main jobs that exist in AI-based companies are below:

  • Software developers
  • Computer engineers
  • Research scientists
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Robot experts such as technicians, electricians and engineering consultants
  • Data analytics architects
  • Algorithm specialist or machine learning engineers

What will you need to gain these skills?

There are university degrees or vocational training that you can study in order to pursue a career in AI. Some of the prospective courses usually listed in AI job requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or similar disciplines
  • Degree and experience in operations research
  • Qualification and experience in neuroscience
  • Degree and experience in programming languages such as Java and Python
  • Course in data science or analytics
  • PhD in quantitative fields such as mathematics, computer science, engineering, operations research, physics, economics, neuroscience

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Some cool employers in AI

These and many more companies in industries such as healthcare, banks, manufacturing, defence, education and research are looking for AI experts.

  • UI Path – Leading robotic process automation software company
  • Automation anywhere – Works with companies to automate their business processes
  • Brainchip – A global technology company that is revolutionizing Edge AI applications
  • Oovvuu – Leading technology to help publishers embed contextual video in articles
  • Hyper Anna – Software company in the AI and data analytics space
  • Faethm – SaaS-based AI platform helping organisations navigate the future of work
  • Botsify – AI platform for people and businesses to make their own smart Chatbots

It’s a very exciting era we live in, perfectly suitable for the zoomers (aka – you!) to be ready for the future. To learn about cutting edge technology careers of tomorrow, sign up for our newsletter and receive weekly updates.

Astha Singh

Author: Dr Astha Singh

Astha is the Managing Editor at Refraction Media. She is a STEM Marketer and holds a Honors, Masters & PhD degree in Science. She has been producing STEM marketing content for over 10 years and is an avid advocate of Diversity in the STEM industry.


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