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17 fun ways to kickstart your STEM career these school holidays

Kickstart Your STEM Career

Bookmark this page for a quiet afternoon in the school holidays – your future career will thank you later

Want to spend some time over the next month or so figuring out an after school plan? We’ve got a bunch of fun and easy ideas that will all help kickstart your STEM career right now. By doing this prep, you’ll feel confident and informed about decisions you might have to make next year around electives or tertiary study. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

1. Find your STEM + X

Before you do anything, you need to sort this! Our secret formula is STEM + X – where ‘X’ is your passion, an interest, another subject, a big opportunity or life-changing goal. Take this quiz to find yours. This will help you narrow down the path you should take after school.

2. Explore your X

Once you’ve found your STEM + X, head to our X section and click on the one you matched with. This will take you to a bunch of really good reads about study and career paths related to your area.

3. Read an e-magazine

Flick through our e-magazines that contain your STEM or your X. We’ve got a big stack of them over on Issuu and they are completely free to read. Here’s our latest issue to get you started. Reading these e-magazines will give you even more ideas about what careers are out there for you.

4. Learn about your future study options

Now you know where you want to go, you need to figure out how to get there. That might be through uni or via an alternate pathway like VET. Explore our Going to Uni section to find out about cool courses and Open Days you might want to attend before deciding where to study, and check out our VET hub to find diplomas, qualifications and apprenticeships that’ll kickstart your STEM career without a degree.

You can also deep dive into our science, technology, engineering and maths pages to find relevant study paths.

5. Consider a sustainable career path

One of the biggest issues our world is currently facing is climate change, but your future STEM career can help! If you want to build a better, brighter future for our planet, have a think about how your passions and skills fit into renewable energy engineering. If it’s a match? Start plotting (a.k.a. researching degrees, courses, internships and dream employers) how you’ll get there!

Find out more about how your uni choice + engineering can help save the planet here.

6. Find out if you could be a game designer + developer

Game Developer Job Kit

Did you know gaming tech is so much more than just entertainment, with applications in fields ranging from medicine to defence? Download our free Game Designer + Developer Job Kit to find out more about careers in game design and developing. The Job Kit includes real-life profiles, day-in-the-life stories, salary info, stats and pathways into this booming career area.

You can find more free downloadable Job Kits right over here.

7. Take a quiz

Our quizzes are perfect to take when you’re trying to decide between paths or working out which career in your STEM + X area is right for you. We’ve made a list of some of our favourite quizzes. You can check out our whole library of quizzes here.

8. Watch a video

Learn about cyber security careers in this live webinar recording

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet? We have stacks of videos that’ll help kickstart your STEM career. Find STEM careers in the outdoors, hear from space experts and engineering legends, see what jobs are available in AI and health, or follow a data scientist around for a day to see what they do!

9. Find a role model

One of our favourite saying is, “If you can see it, you can be it!”, which is why we have a whole section of our website dedicated to STEM role models. Anyone looking to kickstart their STEM career needs lots of inspo and these pros do not disappoint. Tip: Find your area of STEM (or search by your X) and soak up their career stories and words of advice. You might even get a heads up about challenges and opportunities to look out for on your own journey.

Here’s where you can find ’em:

10. Sign up for a free webinar

Science webinar
Find out where a science degree can take you – sign up for this webinar!

Love science and thinking about making it your career? You won’t want to miss this online event. In our upcoming STEM + X webinar, you’ll meet a leader in Antarctic conservation, a reef restoration pioneer, a biological scientist who advises companies on environmental conservation, and a graduate hydrogeologist.

Get their tips and tricks on how to kickstart your STEM career and how to combine it with your biggest passion. You can find out more about the webinar here, and register (it’s free!) by clicking the button below.

11. STEM up your bedroom

With our free to download posters! Each one explores a STEM career – pop your favourite on your wall as a visual reminder of the steps you need to take to score your dream gig.

12. Try these STEM activities

No matter what your favourite letter in STEM is, we’ve got you! Give these a go at home and with your mates. These will help you build the skills you could need for your future career.

13. See what it’s like to work at Google

Is this tech giant on your list of future employers? Take notes on how this STEM pro got a job there and what it’s like to hang out, err, work at Google every day!

Subscribe to the Careers with STEM YouTube channel

14. Follow awesome STEM communicators on TikTok

We made this list of Australian TikTokkers in STEM for you to follow. From wildlife scientists to astrophysicists, there’s something for everyone. Follow the ones that share insights into your future study and career path, or who get you excited about STEM!

15. Sign up for one of our e-newsletters

This way you’ll never miss any STEM career updates. You’ll be first to know about new qualifications, programs and opportunities for high school, uni and VET students. We have more than one e-newsletter to choose from too, so select the one that suits you best.

Not convinced? Check out these 5 reasons why you should sign up to the Careers with STEM newsletter. 

16. Match your science subjects to a STEM career

What you study at school can totally kickstart your STEM career! But wondering specifically where biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science, and/or physics could take you after Year 12? Watch the video to find all the STEM careers you could have thanks to these subjects.

Watch more science and science career videos on the Careers with STEM YouTube channel

17. Suss out future employers

It’s never to early to start thinking about where you’d like to work one day. We’ve got a whole section on brilliant STEM employers, including opportunities, programs and internships they provide to help you get your foot in the door.

Shout out your favourite activity in the comments below!

And most of all, have fun these school holidays and spend time working on your hobbies and doing things that interest you! Inspiration is most likely to strike when your brain is on rest mode, so wait for that study and career inspo to come to you when you least expect it.

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