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How to land a tech job at the RBA

Land a tech job at the RBA

Meet three people who all took different paths into cool tech gigs at Australia’s Central Bank

Fact: Tech innovation in the banking sector is booming. And Australia’s Central Bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), is keen for fresh tech talent to help it in its important job of supporting the economy for the Australian people.

If combining the world of economics and technology sounds like your dream job, then there are plenty of pathways available to you!

We spoke to three people working in Information Technology (IT) at the RBA about their career journeys so far.

1. Kyren Bruce, UX Analyst

Kyren Bruce, UX Analyst
Kyren Bruce, UX Analyst at RBA. Image: Lauren Trompp

Kyren took the trainee path into his IT gig at the RBA

Kyren Bruce started in IT straight out of high school and his skills are in demand. Through a two-year traineeship at the RBA he got practical experience and a Certificate IV at TAFE.

“I learned to quickly adapt to a fast-paced and high-pressure environment and engage with my work colleagues and management at all levels. I have gained new professional and personal skills.”

“The traineeship provided me with an excellent foundation to transition from high school to professional work,” says Kyren.

Kyren’s hot tip

“This career will be challenging and ever-changing. But, if you have the drive, it will expand your horizons in any field, for example if you are about to finish school, don’t have a specific career path in mind, and are interested in technology.”

Kyren’s study and career path: 

  • Cert IV in IT, TAFE
  • IT Trainee, RBA
  • User Experience Analyst, RBA

2. Nelly Maleva, Platform Engineer

Nelly Maleva, Platform Engineer
Nelly Maleva, Platform Engineer at RBA. Image: Lauren Trompp

Nelly completed the RBA’s grad program and is now a full-time “problem fixer” at the RBA

Nelly Maleva joined the RBA’s IT Jumpstart Graduate Program in 2019. The positive experience and the rotations across the different teams in IT helped her figure out her next career move. 

“I got to work on various initiatives such as supporting the set-up of our cloud and collaboration function, helping plan technology roadmaps for our business departments as well as supporting the evaluation of the health of all our technical assets,” she says.

Now a Platform Engineer at the RBA, Nelly is a ‘problem-fixer’ making sure that Bank’s IT infrastructure works effectively and without issues. 

“My team is mainly responsible for automating systems and making our IT infrastructure more efficient,” she says.

“What I love most about working at the RBA is the people, the culture and the knowledge that the work I am doing is directly benefiting the Australian people.”

Nelly’s hot tip

“Don’t only rely on what you learn at university. Pick up a side project or play around with various tools and applications in your free time. It’s a great way to teach yourself new skills, plus employers in IT love to see that kind of initiative and passion in potential employees, especially in those who are just starting out.”

Nelly’s study and career path:

  • Bachelor Information Technology (Enterprise Systems Development) and Business (Finance), University of Technology Sydney
  • IT Student Intern, Ericsson
  • IT Graduate, RBA
  • IT System Analyst, RBA
  • Platform Engineer, RBA

3. Domenic Napoli, IT Graduate

Domenic Napoli, IT Graduate
Domenic Napoli, IT Graduate at RBA. Image: Lauren Trompp

Domenic is about to finish the RBA’s grad program and loves the variety on offer!

After university Domenic wanted to work on big IT projects and leadership initiatives. Now in his second (and final) year in the RBA’s Graduate Program, he has found the experiences diverse, challenging and rewarding.

Domenic has worked on Cloud, Security, and Construction projects within the RBA, plus the overarching IT strategies. 

His current day-to-day work includes designing plans for future IT developments and assessing how Bank technologies and staff will be impacted by them. He also creates visual ‘dashboards’ to display data using PowerBI. 

“The IT department at the RBA is also really large. There are always opportunities to learn new skills in areas like cyber security, networks, DevOps, and project management to name a few.”

Domenic’s hot tip

“If you have goals of becoming an IT Manager or Team Lead, my advice is to accept as many challenges as possible and take opportunities to work with people from different areas.”

Domenic’s study and career path:

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney
  • Technical Support Officer and Academic Lecturer/Tutor, University of Technology Sydney
  • IT Graduate (IT Analyst), RBA

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This article was brought to you in partnership with the Reserve Bank of Australia.


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