Learn Computer Science in 1000 YouTube videos

Learn computer science

Want to learn computer science? The clever peeps at Laconic Machine Learning have made all our CS dreams come true by compiling an entire computer science curriculum into 1000 YouTube videos!

Their curriculum has 40 courses and is the equivalent of a four-year computer science degree.

It covers every skill you’ll need if you want a career in this field, and even includes topics on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing (the tech used to help computers understand a human’s natural language).

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Computer languages you’ll learn include C, Python and C++. You’ll also look at algorithms and data structure, different operating systems, intelligent mobile applications and robotics. There’s some probability, statistics and linear algebra thrown in there too… We’re looking at you, maths lovers!

“Our goal here is to capture the whole university experience in perspective of the organisation of the courses and deliver you the whole curriculum for free, so you can gain significant knowledge,” says Laconic Machine Learning.

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They admit it’s not entirely the same as you’ll get at university, but the videos are insightful and have helped past computer science students with their studies.

This is such an awesome way to learn computer science while you’re still in high school. Next time you’re settling in for a Netflix session, why not binge on these instead? Just make sure you’ve got a cosy spot and plenty of snacks as some of these videos are over four hours long!

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Computer science careers

There are so many exciting careers in computer science! You could be:

  • An app developer
  • A social media manager
  • A data architect
  • A security engineer
  • A UX designer
  • A systems administator
  • A web designer

Just to name a few! Want more? Check out this list of all the computer science jobs we can think of.

Louise Meers

Author: Louise Meers

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