Learning to code

8 Stages of Learning to Code

1. You are wildly optimistic. You’re on a mission and your app, website and billion dollar empire will be done in no time.

You’re all set to go, armed with your favourite snack foods.

2. Time to get started. You’ve turned on your computer and are still mostly confident.

You open up one of the thousands of online tutorials.

3. Sure, there’s some words you don’t understand but you’re still mostly following…

Okay, so maybe this coding thing is a bit harder than you first thought…

4. Wait, what? Someone send help pls.

Until you discover there’s hundreds of others like you with the same questions!

5. ‘Ohh, you mean I can google this stuff?! Maybe I’ve got this after all!’


7. ‘Nope, I was wrong. Another error.’

But after much frustration you reach sweet, sweet victory.

8. ‘OMG look, it works! I really have got this! Practically a pro already.’

Now, excuse us while we go build the next web empire.

Better still, check out some of the cool career options you can use code in!

– Anna Koefer

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