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How can you use your LinkedIn profile and your wider network to help you land a job interview?

“Your network is your net worth, when it comes to getting a foot in the door,” says career strategist, syndicated columnist and author J.T. O’Donnell.

“Having third-party credibility is critical to improving your odds of getting an interview.”

Here are some of her favourite strategies for securing an interview, and ultimately a job through your LinkedIn profile.

Make Quality Connections

When it comes to your network, quality trumps quantity big time. Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search option to discover potential connections who work in your desired field. Don’t be shy. Find the right contacts and nurture real relationships.

Get Face Time at Career Fairs

Career fairs are an excellent opportunity to impress potential employers. Be yourself, ask unique questions, and reach out via your LinkedIn profile after the event to stay top of mind.

Ask Mentors to Become References

Think of your mentors as character witnesses. Former professors and bosses are your best references for potential employers to call during the interview process. It also can’t hurt to ask for endorsements and recommendations on your LinkedIn profile.

Map your Skills to the Job

Use your cover letter to map your budding skills to your desired role. Also, add your skills on your LinkedIn profile to attract hiring managers and recruiters… Continue reading

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Reach out to recruiters and hiring managers

Recruiters and hiring managers are the ultimate doorway to job openings. They create position descriptions, review applications and select candidates for interviews.

Developing relationships with these folks can definitely improve the odds of landing your ideal job. Here are two ways to get in with recruiters:

Start a Relationship With the Company

Most job listings pages on LinkedIn show who posted the job. Reach out to the contact via LinkedIn to ask for an informational or formal interview.

Regardless of whether a company is hiring, they will almost always be on the lookout for good talent. Being proactive puts your name at the top of the list and shows you’re serious about the organisation.

Extract Insider Knowledge

On job listings pages, LinkedIn Premium members get more details on the company, such as which schools it recruits from and what skills employees have. This information can shape your cover letter, interview, and ultimately position you as the strongest candidate.

These career tips were first shared in LinkedIn’s Student Job Hunting Handbook. Read the full handbook here.

LinkedIn profile

“Align your development with the needs of a business, and you’ll have a good shot at getting an interview.”

Fast facts

According to LinkedIn’s Student Job Hunting Handbook:

1. 75% of hiring managers report looking at LinkedIn profiles to learn about a candidate’s background.

2. 91% of recent graduates networked during their job search.

3. 80% of positions are filled through a referral.

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