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Listen to the new Careers with STEM podcast!

The Buzz About STEM podcast

Our new podcast, The Buzz About STEM, is here for parents who want to help their teens navigate the journey into study or work after school.

How many times have you wondered, are you giving your teen enough support, or are you applying too much pressure? Are they performing well enough at school? Do their interests align with a “good” career?

Enter the new Careers with STEM podcast, The Buzz About STEM. We’ll be bringing you monthly conversations with STEM professionals at different levels of their careers telling their own stories as you and your teen start to imagine what their own path might look like.

The first episode of The Buzz About STEM is a conversation with astrobiologist Vanessa Zepeda. Image: Ben Ashmole

These mostly 30 minute episodes will offer first-hand tips, insights and tools for supporting your teen as they journey from school into higher education or the workforce.

Head to to listen to the podcast trailer and our first episode – a conversation with astrobiologist, Vanessa Zepeda. Hear about Vanessa’s inspiring career journey from an aspiring marine biologist growing up in land-locked Arizona to completing her PhD in astrobiology – looking for life on Mars – at QUT in Brisbane.

You can listen to The Buzz About STEM right here on the  Careers with STEM website, or subscribe to it on most major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts or this RSS feed – and never miss an episode!


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