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The virtual staffroom podcast

Calling all STEM teachers! Podcast update: the Virtual Staffroom

Struggling with your online teaching? Discovered a terrific new platform you’d like to share? Just looking for some inspo?

The Virtual Staffroom is a new edtech podcast for teachers by teachers. It’s the brand-new #edtech podcast brought to you by the Technology 4 Learning (T4L) team at the NSW Department of Education.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner tech user or an advanced one – the Virtual Staffroom is for any teacher that thinks about the bigger STEM picture and is eager to grab some tips and tricks for their own classroom. And unlike hanging around your own staffroom, you can take it with you while driving home, walking the dog or making dinner!

Join your teacher hosts – Joe, Yvette and Linda, as they chat all things tech for the classroom, and unpack some of the bigger issues unfolding all the time.

Each episode features a special industry guest and discussions with leading lights from the edtech world.

What can you expect?

  • Fun and accessible chat where ‘geek speak’ is banned
  • Links to loads of resources
  • Special editions covering pertinent topics
  • Live broadcasts from key educational technology events
  • In-depth discussions with industry experts – we ask the hard questions!
  • Grassroots conversations with teachers getting real with educational technology

In Episode 1, the team chats with Dr Catherine Ball from Drones in Education Australia. Catherine shares her professional journey that has led her to working with drones in Australia and has some sage advice for learners who are thinking about what field they want to get into.

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In Episode 2 we chat with our own wunderkind, Eddie Woo – and stay tuned for our chat with super’star’ astrophysicist and Women in STEM ambassador, Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith.

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