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The lowdown on O-Week


[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]It’s tempting to give this whole week a miss. Who wants to sit through a lecture before the school year has even started? Once you read about what O-Week has to offer, you’ll be first in line to ensure you don’t miss out on the O-Week festivities.

1. Get to know your uni

There’s nothing more awkward than stumbling onto campus on your first day of University, totally lost and late enough to miss your first class entirely. Forgo the stress of navigating the uni on your first day, and do it during O-Week instead.

“Navigating the giant that is your new uni can be overwhelming. By attending Orientation, you get to know your way around campus really quickly.” says Meagan Solomon, UTS’ Events’ Officer. She knows a thing or two about O-Weeks since her team runs them each year.

Hot tip: “Join a campus tour and get to know the major landmarks on campus and the nicknames for buildings. You’ll want to remember the places where you’ll be spending a lot of time such as the Library, Faculty buildings, study hubs and the cafes with the best coffee close to you!”

2. Get a headstart on the high school transition

Nothing quite prepares you for the transition into uni like an O-Week. University is nothing like high school, and the O-Week experience should give you a feel for the campus life and what to expect from your degree.

“Orientation gives students an insight into what their degree will involve, the support services that can help them on their journey, and what they can expect in the years ahead.” says Meagan.

3. Meet your peers


It’s a certifiable fact that uni is made better by the friends you meet. If you’re living on campus, it’s especially important to make new friends or risk isolating yourself for the next three or four years.

“Get out there and meet your fellow students at the various info sessions and activities.” advises Meagan.

Orientation is the perfect place to meet new friends. If you’re feeling nervous about the whole thing, it’s best to remember that you’re in a room of people feeling the exact same way.

“The best thing about it is that you’ve all got at least 3 things in common:  You’re new, have no idea what to expect and you’re taking a giant leap forward on an incredible journey ahead!”

4.  It’s fun!

Universities pull out all the stops to ensure that this is one of the best events on campus all year.

“Most universities host O’Days that are pretty much a carnival on campus with games, freebies, fun activities and more. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.”

Hot tip: Check out your student associations and/or Student Unions and see what they have programmed throughout Orientation.” says Meagan.

What’s your favourite thing about O-Week?

-Eliza Brockwell[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]


Which uni club should you join?

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