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5 ways to make friends with artificial intelligence

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming along leaps and bounds from the boring chatbots of yesteryear. Now, AI can face off in a rap battle, challenge you to a dance-off or jam along with you as you play piano!

These Google experiments and other fun AI games make the most of hanging by yourself. Here’s how you can have fun and make friends with AI these school holidays.

1. Emoji scavenger hunt

If you feel like playing an IRL board game, this Emoji Scavenger Hunt is just the ticket. Using your phone’s camera, this AI tries to recognise images and match them to the emoji you’re searching for.

Hot tip: Make sure you’re standing up for this one. You might need to run around the house looking for a whole host of items; everything from a laptop to a toilet!


2. Create a piano duet

Feel like hosting a jam sesh… but all your mates are busy? Open this Google experiment and you’ll be greeted with a piano keyboard and an AI that’s ready to match your every note with the perfect duet. Start tapping and jam away!


3. This AI wants to beat you in a rap battle

This Google experiment is best used on your smart phone with a camera. Take a photo of anything (you can really let your imagination run wild here) and this AI will make up some rap lyrics to match.

Challenge yourself to a battle against the AI’s rhythmic styles, or see if you can create a three minute long rap using the app!


4. Bored of your video games? This AI makes new ones for you!

This AI uses something called procedural content generation to create new levels and challenges of some of your favourite video games.

Watch the clip to find out where you can make the most of this AI, and extend your play time indefinitely.


5. Challenge your webcam to a dance-off

Get your webcam ready, and slap on a sweatband! It’s time to get moving for this dance-off. This Google experiment uses your webcam to view and track your body’s movements, then reflects your moves to a stream of matching images. The result? It looks like this AI is dancing along with you!

Have you tried any of these AI? Let us know in the comments!


Feature image: Move Mirror.

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