Match your passion with a career in science!

careers with stem science

What does a career in science look like? The possibilities are endless! 

The latest issue of Careers with STEM celebrates diversity in science – whether it’s highlighting the need for inclusiveness or the value of non-traditional career pathways.

careers with stem digital retail 2020
The flip-side of our latest issue is a deep-dive into digital retail careers.

We feature 35 men and women in science careers helping us do everything from solve crimes to fight climate change, and to be more sustainable, safe and efficient in both farming and resource extraction.

Discover where the STEM jobs are around Australia in our infographic and aspiring scientists can find their dream job in our fun personality quiz.

We also introduce 15 women working in different roles at ANSTO and read their inspiring words of wisdom.

Obsessed with online shopping? The latest issue also features a special flip-side edition all about careers in digital retail. Find out more here.

Order your print copy here or read the digital edition below or here.

Gemma Chilton

Author: Gemma Chilton

Gemma has a degree in journalism from the University of Technology, Sydney and spent a semester studying environmental journalism in Denmark. She has been writing about science and engineering for over a decade.


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