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Homework woes? This aussie maths app could have the answer.

The traditional maths textbooks weighing down your bag are not only heavy, they’re increasingly ‘old school’. The new kid on the block is an amazing online teaching platform developed in Australia and being used around the world.

Mathspace is part textbook, exercise book and personal tutor. While it can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, its real strength is how it’s being used in classrooms.

The maths app breaks down each maths problem into simple steps, and gives you instant feedback and hints. This personalised, step-by-step approach helps students understand how to solve a problem – instead of just supplying the answer. It’s now being used in Hong Kong, the US and in more than 200 schools across Australia.

Year 7 student Bailey Nation from Billanook College in Melbourne has been using the maths app all term. He enjoys sketching out long equations using the app’s handwriting recognition tool. “I’ve started using Mathspace to work out problems because it’s easier than going through my notes. It helps me work at my own pace.”

Mathspace focuses on a student’s progress when tackling a problem. If they’re struggling to get the correct answer, they can revise the previous lesson before moving forward.

“Maths is easier to understand with Mathspace because it tells you if you’re on the right track straightaway,” says Meghan Rewitt, a Year 8 student at the Hunter School of Performing Arts in NSW. “I don’t have to ask my parents for help anymore because I can solve problems on my own.”

– Gemma Conroy

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maths app

Westpac has partnered with Mathspace to provide the Mathspace Essentials platform free to all Australians.

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