Which maths career is right for you?

Maths Careers Test - Which career in maths is right for me?

If you’re studying high school maths you need to take this quiz! Maths careers can crop up in any industry – and in some very unexpected places. This maths careers test will show you how to choose a career in maths based on your strengths. Will you be travelling the world as a conservationist, or working in finance or even fashion? The possibilities are endless.


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Mathematicians make it possible to send secure emails and buy things online, and they are essential to analyse data. Mathematical research and education are at the heart of some careers, while other careers utilise mathematics or statistics and their applications to build and enhance important work in areas like business, finance, manufacturing, customer service, science & health, computer science, engineering, and communications. Careers with Maths focuses on Maths + X, where ‘X’ is your passion, another field or a world issue. It takes maths beyond the classroom and into the careers of the future, which may rapidly shift from the increased pace of digital disruption. Careers with Maths provides inspiration, a maths careers test, ideas and information about STEM career pathways.

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