These awesome maths careers might surprise you!

maths careers
Being skilled up in maths will give you an edge in almost any career! Not convinced? Check out these numbers stars. Image: Shutterstock

Maths is used every day in almost everything we do – including some pretty awesome careers that might surprise you

The M in STEM is pretty special because it isn’t just another field – it actually underpins science, technology and engineering. If you think of it more like a language than a skill set, then the value of maths in everyday life starts to make more sense.

Understanding mathematical concepts, logic and developing an analytical way of thinking are useful and valuable in almost everything we do – yes, that includes the obvious maths heavy STEM career paths like technology and engineering, but maths is also used for running a business and in sectors like healthcare and retail, too (turn the pages for some cool examples!).

But don’t stop there – numbers really are everywhere you look if you know where to find them and how to use them.

In our data-driven world, speaking the language of maths and being part of that conversation will give you an edge in almost any career! Still not convinced? Meet three people with cool careers who use maths everyday…

Kai Sakakibara, Aussie BMX champion

“In BMX, we used timing and numbers every day to help our performance. So many of the skills I learnt through school were applied to help me get better.”

Mahalia Barnes, singer and songwriter

Maths is an essential part of my career, from budgeting and planning a tour, logistics and travel, to writing, learning and performing.”

Dan Reilly Builder/Foreman
on The Block reality TV show

“Maths is something i use every day in my work and has helped me on my career path.”


Looking for fun, practical and creative activities to enhance your maths skills? Head here.

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2022 in partnership with the NSW Department of Education


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