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Quiz: Can you guess these maths careers?

Maths careers

Looking for careers with maths? It’s a sine you landed on this page!

Whether you’re keen on finance, fashion, sports or statistics, there’s a maths gig out there for you. Maths careers are varied, in-demand and a whole lot of fun! Let’s find out how much you know about them…

Wanna know more about maths careers? That’s easy as Pi!

We’ve spoken to all the maths experts, including pricing managers, flood analysts, data scientists, actuarial consultants, epidemic modellers and economists. One thing’s for sure – they all have lots of advice to help you land your dream STEM career. Here are a few profiles to get you started. Find even more here.

  • Calvin He, economics researcher: Calvin uses his maths smarts to help the Reserve Bank of Australia answer big questions about the economy.
  • Avalon Martinkus, quantitative analyst: businesses are looking for maths experts like Avalon to help them assess the risk of climate change.
  • Alex Cantori, statistics specialist: Alex has the perfect pick of statistics jobs: specialising in basketball odds at Tabcorp.
  • Dr Kudzai Kanhutu, medical information officer: Kudzai crunches health data to help people from all over receive medical treatment.
  • Maggie McGowan, fashion founder: Maggie uses maths in her fashion business, Magpie Goose, to create employment opportunities for Indigenous artists in the Northern Territory.

Essential maths viewing

Turn off Netflix and binge on this instead. In the Careers with STEM: Maths + Data live webinar recording, you’ll hear from three real-life STEM professionals busting myths and swapping pathway stories.

Meet maths and health expert Stacey Reinke, maths and business pro Philip Conroy and maths and environment queen Ellie Hubbard.

Looking for the latest Careers with STEM: Maths + Data issue? We’ve got you. Just head on over here to flick through the e-mag. In this issue, we explore how maths is used every day to manage transport, manufacturing, housing, in creative careers and much more. You’re going to love it!

For more awesome maths quizzes, race on over to quizzes section. Here you can find out which passion you can mix with maths to create your ultimate career, or if you’re an actuary or accountant.

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