Our maths & data 2021 issue is out now!

Maths and Data issue flyer
Meet real-life STEM professionals with diverse career paths, and discover why data analytics skills are the most frequently mentioned in Australia job ads over any other skill.

Celebrating the ‘M’ in STEM with our maths & data 2021 issue

As a sneak peek into the issue: think about maths and data PLUS health, business, trades, security, society, agriculture, education and much more!

Maths has superpowered technology. As technology is increasingly bursting into our world, data is becoming relevant and maths is taking centrestage.

The National Skills Commission has put jobs in data science at the top of its “emerging occupations” list.

That means graduates with data analytics know-how will find their skills listed in Australian job ads over any other skills.

“This is a time of great challenges and maths is one of the most powerful tools that we need to face the future.”

Finding our way through these challenges: pandemics, climate change, waste management, recycling, sustainable agriculture, cyber security threats – and solving these problems – will be extremely exciting,” says veteran Australian mathematician Cheryl Praeger AC.

REGISTER here for the careers with STEM: maths & data webinar at 12 pm on Wednesday, 19 May. 

This issue, explore how maths is used everyday to manage transport, manufacturing, housing, in creative careers and much more.

Your Careers with STEM experts connect the dots between high school maths challenges and the exciting, diverse and emerging careers your study path can lead to.

Two copies of Careers with STEM: maths & data 2021 issue will be delivered free to every secondary school and university in Australia for Term 2.

Click here to order additional copies of this magazine or any of our back issues, or to read free online versions.

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Astha Singh

Author: Dr Astha Singh

Astha is the Managing Editor at Refraction Media. She is a STEM Marketer and holds a Honors, Masters & PhD degree in Science. She has been producing STEM marketing content for over 10 years and is an avid advocate of Diversity in the STEM industry.


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