Don’t think maths is fun? These mathematicians share their love of numbers

maths is fun
Australian mathematician and television presenter Lily Serna for Careers with Maths magazine. Photography by Quentin Jones. 1 March 2018.

Five mathematicians – TV presenters, professors, authors and YouTube stars – share their love of numbers and explain why maths is fun!

maths is fun
Lily Serna is a data analyst for Atlassian, and hosts the show ‘Letters and Numbers on SBS.

“I love that maths is all about solving puzzles. It’s logical by definition and there’s no ambiguity. It just makes sense and my mind finds comfort in how black and white it is.”

~ Lily Serna, Data Analyst at Atlassian and TV presenter

maths is fun

“If mathematics is the language of the science, mathematicians are its poets. The deeper one enters this world, the more fascinating it becomes, and the more one sees mathematics everywhere.”

~ Professor Geordie Williamson, Director of the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute, University of Sydney

maths is fun

“Numbers are musical notes with which the symphony of our universe is written. Rock on!”

~ Adam Spencer, comedian, author and Ambassador for Mathematics and Science, University of Sydney

maths is fun

“I love mathematics because it’s a sense – just like sight, hearing or touch. Maths enables us to perceive and understand patterns in reality that would be invisible to us otherwise!”

~ Eddie Woo, maths teacher and creator of WooTube

maths is fun

“Maths gives me the adventure of exploring the unknown, the dream that I can understand the structures of the universe, and the feeling of freedom that comes from the fact that maths has no boundaries or borders.”

~ Professor Nalini Joshi AO, University of Sydney

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