How to land maths jobs without a degree

Chippy Chick - 9 trades careers that use maths
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Looking for non-uni pathways or wondering if it’s possible to land maths jobs without a degree? Here are nine career areas where vocational pathways let you take your maths and data skills direct to employers.

#1 Coding

Maths used: logic, algorithms
Employment: software engineer, dev ops, machine learning engineer, UX designer
Course: Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

#2 Digital marketing

Maths used: statistics, percentages
Employment: social media marketer, digital marketing manager, digital content coordinator
Course: Diploma of Social Media Marketing

#3 Data science

Maths used: statistics, mathematical modelling, abstract logic
Employment: data scientist, data analyst
Course: Online data science course, General Assembly

#4 Financial maths

Maths used: simple and compound interest, numeracy, probability, statistics
Employment: accountant, bookkeeper, entrepreneur
Course: Accounting and finance courses, TAFE NSW

Financial maths - maths jobs without a degree
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#5 Cyber security

Maths used: algebra, probability, algorithms
Employment: information security analyst, digital forensics, pen tester
Course: Certificate IV in Cyber Security

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#6 Construction management

Maths used: geometry, trigonometry, optimisation, measurement
Employment: construction site manager, architect, urban planner
Course: Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)

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#7 Electrical engineering

Maths used: trigonometry, geometry, calculus, mathematical modelling
Employment: transformer design engineer, electrical engineer, automotive electrical engineer
Course: Diploma of Electrical Engineering, TAFE NSW

#8 Civil engineering

Maths used: algebra, statistics, calculus, differential equations
Employment: project manager, civil/structural engineer, site engineer
Course: Diploma of Engineering, University of Newcastle

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#9 Creative industries

Maths used: algebra, measurement, geometry
Employment: graphic designer, digital media producer, furniture designer, fashion designer
Course: Cert II in Creative Industries

By the numbers

Study: most STEM vocational training is focused on engineering, according to Australia’s STEM Workforce report, July 2020

80% Engineering
10% Agriculture and environmental science
8% Information technology
2% Natural and physical sciences

Engineering - maths jobs without a degree
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Employment: construction is the biggest employer of VET STEM-qualified workers…

15% Construction
15% Manufacturing
10% Other services
8% Transport, postal and warehousing
7% Public administration and safety

Did you know?

20% of males and 9% of female VET STEM qualified workers earn $104,000 and above, according to Australia’s STEM Workforce report, July 2020.

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This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2021.

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