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Loads of uni courses include standard Year 12 maths as a prerequisite, not to mention the fun, exciting – and surprising – careers that use numbers every day. Image: Shutterstock

Ready to become mates with maths? These resources will help you embrace the M in STEM

Maths is the language of STEM, and maths and data skills are crucial to the jobs of the future! And yet, new data from the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute shows that Year 12 maths enrolments are at an all time low.

How did we get here? Part of the problem comes from unhelpful stereotypes about what maths careers – and the people who do them – look like.

That’s why the Term 2, 2022 edition of Careers with STEM – made possible thanks to our platinum sponsor, Commonwealth Bank – is here to bust maths myths, highlight real-life career role models, and inspire the next generation of maths & data professionals in Australia.

But what other resources are there for maths-keen students? Here is a list of fun resources to get you started.

Find mentors and role models

Want real-life career inspo from maths and data grads who’ve gone before? is packed with maths and data role models. Read their stories and start dreaming about what your own future career might look like:

Listen up!

Load up your earbuds with these podcasts and you’ll never think of maths in the same way again.

Freakonomics: Discover the “hidden side of everything” in this famous podcast that mixes statistics, economics and psychology for some seriously interesting listening.

Quick and Dirty Tips – The Math Dude: With super easy to search episodes like “how to convert decimals to fractions” and “what is exponential growth?”, this podcast will help you through tough maths topics and inspire a love of maths all at the same time!

Inspired by Math!: Blogger Sol Lederman interviews people who are inspired by maths and inspiring other people along the way (including, hopefully, you!). Search for it in Apple Podcasts

A Brief History of Mathematics: In 10×15-minute episodes, Professor Marcus du Sautoy argues maths is the driving force behind modern science. Each ep looks back on some of the biggest math minds in history.

So, you wanna be a data scientist?

Love numbers, analysis, trends and computers? Careers in data science are one of the fastest growing right now, thanks to our increasingly data-driven world! Find out everything you need to know about this maths & data-heavy career in our free, 8-page job kit!

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2022.


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