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Making maths fun with Taylor Swift

Maths and Taylor Swift

Yep, it’s true! You belong with maths. The M in STEM can be exciting, surprising and a lot of fun! Just ask Taylor Swift…

Do you and maths have ‘Bad Blood’? Are you constantly asking, ‘Is It Over Now?’ when you’re in the middle of a maths class or exam? Yep, maths can be tricky … But when you have that moment where it just clicks, you’ll feel like you’re ‘Out of the Woods’ and will finally be able to see the beauty in it.

Getting to that a-ha moment is different for everyone. It could take an awesome teacher to explain a concept in a way that vibes with your learning style, or you might need to see how maths relates to your interests and hobbies, or to everyday life and your future career. A funny video or meme could even convert you to being a maths ‘Lover’.  

Whatever it takes, just know that the ‘M’ in STEM never goes out of style. In fact, it’s everywhere and will definitely be part of your dream job. To get you pumped for maths, check out these fun examples, courtesy of Taylor Swift.

Quiz: Find your dream maths career

Teaching with Taylor

Some clever educators have been using Taylor to make maths more exciting. One maths professor turned a bunch of Taylor concert poses into maths functions, while other teachers are using songs like ‘Cruel Summer’ and ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ to help primary schoolers learn multiplication.

Maths mastermind

Taylor Swift and Maths
Image: Shutterstock

Taylor uses all kinds of codes to drop deets on new releases. These often involve maths (and her lucky number, 13):

  • Her latest album was released on April 19, 2024. 19 + 4 + 2024 = 2047. 2 + 0 + 4 + 7 = 13
  • In 2023, she announced the release date of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on August 9 (8/9 in US date formatting). That date was 8 years, 9 months and 13 days since the original release of 1989, and it had been 13 weeks since she announced the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). August 9, 2023 was also 3,208 days since the OG 1989 album was released and 3 + 2 + 0 + 8 = 13.

Maths + Taylor Swift careers

Taylor is surrounded by a team of maths pros!

  • Accountant – crunches the numbers on Tay’s estimated US$1.1 billion net worth
  • Cryptographer – comes up with codes and clues about album releases
  • Fashion designer – designs outfits for world tours and award shows
  • Graphic designer – creates album covers, posters and merchandise
  • Marketing analyst – uses data to inform decisions on everything from merch sales to countries to perform in
  • Musician – understands the patterns, symbols, ratios and fractions linked to music to play instruments
  • Photographer – gets the right angles, shutter speed and focal length to take promotional and concert photography
  • Pilot – uses arithmetic, geometry and trigonometry to fly a private jet around the world for concerts
  • Social media manager – creates and posts content according to engagement numbers
  • Sound engineer – produces, mixes and records music, which requires an understanding of frequency, arithmetic, trigonometry and algebra
  • Web designer – utilises ratios, the rule of thirds and grids to create a website that fans will love to visit and shop on

Did you know?

Cryptographers can work everywhere from banks to Taylor’s marketing team. They were also used in World War II by the allies to crack the German Enigma code!

This article originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2024.

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