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Quiz: Could you be a maths teacher?

Maths teacher quiz

Here at Careers with STEM, we’re all about STEM + X, where X is the area you are most interested in, your passion, goal, or another field.

So if you want to inspire the minds of the future, and also see the huge benefits of working in STEM, then a career as a maths teacher could be a brilliant way to combine what you love. Take this quiz to see if a STEM + education path is a good fit for you.

So you wanna be a maths teacher?

It’s time to read up on STEM + education!

Bring on the quizzes!

Looking for more maths quizzes? We have heaps!

  • Can you guess these maths careers? Whether you’re keen on finance, fashion, sports or statistics, there’s a maths gig out there for you. Maths careers are varied, in-demand and a whole lot of fun! Let’s find out how much you know about them…
  • What’s your maths + X? When it comes to maths careers, you might think becoming an accountant or working in finance are your only options. But in reality, there are so many cool, unique paths to walk! Why not combine maths with what you’re actually passionate about? Our quiz can help you work out what area might be great for you to explore.
  • Which area of maths should you study?We’ll help you narrow down which Bachelor of Maths or maths degree is right for you with our maths careers quiz. Match your personality and aspirations to your perfect career in maths, whether that’s in data and statistics, economics, applied or pure maths.

Find every single one of our maths quizzes right here!

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