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Mentoring skills - a mentor and a mentee dancing

Mentoring skills are a great way to get you career ready, and getting yourself a great mentor is easy. Pick someone in a career you’re interested in, or even a parent or teacher, and fire away with all your burning career questions. You can set up meetings once a month, or just chat on the phone every so often.

If you don’t know a great candidate off the top of your head, ask around! Working on your mentoring skills a great way to demystify STEM careers and get a useful insight into whether their job is the right career for you. If your mentor isn’t working in your dream career, they’ll still be a great source of general career and study advice.

Three people at the top of their game in different STEM careers took a call from up-and-comers in their field to show us just how useful mentoring can be.

Taylor and Merritt


Taylor Kramer

Taylor has been a competitive dancer since age eight. From hip-hop to ballet – you name it, she’s done it (and won it) all! Taylor is now studying a Bachelor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines and taking her current semester abroad at UNSW.

Discover more creative STEM careers by exploring science + humanities.
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Merritt Moore

Merritt Moore defies the laws of career expectations. She’s pursuing both ballet and quantum physics at a professional level, and currently dances for the Norwegian National Ballet.

Read Merritt’s profile to learn more about how to juggle physics and dance.

Kunjil and Dean



Kunjil is a 13-year-old student from Queensland who loves geography and science… and dreams of becoming the next Steph Curry.

Learn more about how to combine sports and science for an awesome career.


Dean Foley

Dean Foley is a proud Kamilaroi man who has built his business from the ground up. Dean heads up ‘Barayamal’, the Indigenous startup accelerator that teaches entrepreneurship and business skills.

Read Dean Foley’s profile and learn more about startup Barayamal.
Mentoring skills - meet your mentor text messages between Dean Foley and Kunjil

Mikaela and Julian


Mikaela Butcher

Mikaela’s a hard-working undergrad in her second year of a Bachelor of Animation at QUT.

Read about Jess D’Ali’s experience studying animation at UTS’ Animal Logic Academy.


Julian Burgess

Julian Burgess is a multi-talented designer, animator and director with over 20 years experience in the creative industries.

To see some of Julian’s colourful animations, head to the website.
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Eliza Brockwell

Author: Eliza Brockwell

Eliza is passionate about creating content that encourages diversity of representation in STEM.


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