STEM careers in 60 seconds: Meteorologist

Trying to figure out *weather* or not a meteorology study and career path is for you? We can help!

In this video, we’ve summed up everything you need to know about becoming a meteorologist in 60 seconds! From handy qualifications to where you’ll work, it’s all in there. You’ll even get to meet someone working in the field.

Bonus tip

Still at school? You can set yourself up for success in this career by choosing the right electives:

  • Maths (just another reason not to drop it!)
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and environmental science

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Meet a meteorologist

Adam Morgan (who you might recognise as Network 10’s weather presenter and meteorologist) says if you ask his mum she’ll tell you he always had his head in the clouds! He never missed the weather on the news and when the topic was introduced in his year 9 science class, Adam was the only one who already knew what an isobar was (FYI, they’re lines on a weather map connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure).

Find out how he turned his passion into a dream gig as a meteorologist here.

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Louise Meers

Author: Louise Meers

Louise is Careers with STEM’s digital content strategist. She has a journalism degree from the University of Technology, Sydney and has spent over a decade writing for youth. She is passionate about inspiring young people to achieve their biggest goals and build a better future.


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