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Micro-apprenticeships: Everything you need to know


Are you looking to re-train or up-skill? Micro-apprenticeships could be the way to keep up with industry demand

Recent graduates who already hold an Advanced Diploma or higher qualification are eager to up-skill – with 62% of us more likely to dive into a new are since the beginning of the pandemic according to a recent study

Results show a significant increase in the demand for short courses, with almost two-thirds of survey respondents agreeing that seeking out extra study opportunities is the key to keeping up with changes in their current gigs – particularly as most industries recover from the instability of the last 12+ months.

And among the other reasons grads keen to re-train in such epic numbers? To advance their knowledge (67%), refresh their current skills (45%), assist with career progression (31%) and future-proof their roles (30%).

Have you considered a micro-apprenticeship?

Micro-apprenticeships are mini on-the-job training programs run by an employer, that build on the skills, knowledge, or experience gained during university degrees/diplomas and can cover an incredible variety of industry-specific skills. Being much shorter than a typical endorsed work placement, micro-apprenticeships are highly accessible and are becoming increasingly sought after when kickstarting a STEM career. 

However, don’t let their short length convince you that they won’t expose you to industry professionals or adequately prepare you for the job market. They’re specifically designed to supercharge your transferrable skills and get you up-skilled – ideally by your employer.

“Just like workers in the trades learn on the job with their employers, workers in new fields should get the chance to develop their skills in a practical, hands-on way,” explains President of the Business Council of Australia Tim Reed to The Australian Financial Review.

“The pandemic has brought the inflexibility of our outdated skills system into sharp focus.”

Where can you get a micro-apprenticeship?

Depending on what skill you want to develop, a micro-apprenticeship may be offered by your employer, or something you must apply for yourself via a university, financial or digital institution, at varying lengths, costs, and mode of delivery.

Keen to work in health, but want to know more about how clinics are run and how leadership shapes the experience of your patients? Then perhaps an organisational management micro-apprenticeship with may be for you. 

Maybe you’re an engineering student thinking about a career in research but haven’t been exposed to that environment yet. Or perhaps a tech graduate looking to get on-the-job experience in cyber security.

Ideally a micro-apprenticeship would be run by your employer – for free – combining work experience with short online courses in specific skills that could be tailored to the needs of learners.

Want more info on all STEM apprenticeships?

Get across our VET info!


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