7 future-focused mining and resource careers to consider

Mechanical engineer Rebecca Marsh s using gaming tech to virtually tour mine sites from her Sydney office.

As we head into space, dig deeper, create new technology and become more culturally and environmentally aware, we’ll create whole new jobs, too.

1. 4D mapping specialist

The job: Make maps that change with time as well as space using real-world data to inform a virtual view of mines and their surrounding environment.
The skills: Data and maths are critical, as is geophysical knowledge, creativity and coding are a plus.
Where you’ll work: In a high-tech supercomputing centre

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2. Cultural community advisor

The job: Not such a futuristic job, but one that’s increasingly seen as important, your task will be to work with and within the community
to ensure cultural heritage is preserved and respected.
The skills: Communication, linguistics, legal knowledge and an understanding of Indigenous heritage and practise.
Where you’ll work: On country, mine sites, wherever you and your laptop land.

3. Virtual reality /data artist

The job: You’ll use your creativity and computational capabilities to literally paint the world with data. Using virtual reality is an immersive way for us to visualise what data is telling us, something that’s critical to safe and sustainable resource extraction.
The skills: Software development, design thinking, coding with data.
Where you’ll work: In a cool tech start-up.

4. Mechatronics astronaut

The job: As we head to the Moon and Asteroid Belt to mine for new minerals, someone will need to take care of the space robots.
The skills: Mechatronics engineering. Start with digital technologies and keep up maths, and it helps if you like to take things apart.
Where you’ll work: The Moon.

5. Remote health therapist

The job:  Look after the health of fly in/fly out workers through telehealth, machine learning that predicts recovery and treatment, and 3D imaging to diagnose problems.
The skills: Medical training, machine learning, people skills and communication.
Where you’ll work: From your home office.

6. Driverless train driver

The job: Improve the flow of the way materials and machinery move from one part of the country to another by understanding the logistics behind automated cargo movements
The skills: Data science, mathematical modelling, problem solving.
Where you’ll work: Within a tech company, making the most of the free food perks.

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7. Minecraft miners!

The job: Test out your mining skills and resource extraction ideas in your own Minecraft server. It’s not impossible that the real-world could learn something from the popular online game that was created in just six days. Hey if you can make Minecraft in six days you can do anything.
The skills: Constant. Repetitive. Playing.
Where you’ll work: From your bedroom.

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