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in-demand jobs

The Sydney Morning Herald have released a round up list of the jobs employers are finding hardest to fill. These career openings mean you’ll never be short on a job opportunity, or great salary. We’ve rounded up the STEM jobs in the list, and figured out where to study to nab these in-demand jobs.

In-demand jobs, environmental health officer

Environmental health officer

Topping the list at #1 are environmental health officers. This career involves looking after public health; monitoring it, enforcing it and developing the regulations around it. You can work anywhere from environmental and waste management, to air quality or disease control.


> > Bachelor of Natural Science (Environment and Health), Western Sydney University

> > Bachelor of Environmental Science, UNE

Get a Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety and you could be earning a Median salary of $117,268 as an Environmental Health and Safety Manager.


> > Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

VET - in-demand jobs


Vets come in at #2 on the list of most in-demand jobs. The word ‘Veterinarian’ spans more job options than you might first assume. You could be working as a companion animal veterinarian, treating dogs and other pets, or you might work as a livestock veterinarian, researching and treating diseases to optimise human consumption.

Whatever type of vet you are, you’re contributing to the health and happiness of both animals and humans. You’ve also got the choice of studying a wide range of Bachelor’s degrees (biomedicine, agriculture or science, etc) before you study a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.


> > Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Melbourne

> > Bachelor of Veterinary Biology, Bachelor of Veterinary Science, CSU

Radiologist in-demand jobs

Physician/Doctor, Radiologist

Median salary: $152,374*

Ranking at #4 most in-demand jobs are physicians and doctors specialising in radiology. They can operate anything from X-rays to MRIs to ultrasounds. You could be working as an expert in medical imaging, discovering and diagnosing disease in the human body or you could be an interventional radiologist, providing treatment using radiology as well as diagnosing issues.


> > Bachelor of Medical Imaging, QUT

> > Master of Diagnostic Radiography, University of Sydney

GP in-demand jobs

General Practitioner

Median salary: $125,377*

Coming in at #5 are general practitioners. General practitioners are the jack of all trades when it comes to medicine. You’d be working with a revolving door of patient ailments and injuries, handing out medications and recommending specialist visits. It’s the ideal job for someone that wants to practice medicine, without the hustle and bustle of hospitals.


> > Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Medicine, UWA

> > Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, University of Tasmania

in-demand jobs

Senior software engineer

Median salary: $97,499*

In the digital age, software engineering has endless possibilities. You could be working for any of the big names like Google or Apple, developing software and communicating with stakeholders. Software engineering is behind all our favourite tech, so it’s no surprise that this job is in high demand. This jobs hits on the in-demand jobs list at #14.


> > Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Computer and Software Systems), QUT

> > Bachelor of Science (Computing and Information Systems), University of Melbourne

*Average salary according to Payscale.com

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