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Your most-searched uni degrees of 2023

Uni degrees

Need help with changing your uni preferences – and picking new ones? Here’s what you’ve been searching on

Finished Year 12 and having doubts about what to do next? It’s university preference changing season – which means there’s still time to shake up your study pathway, and switch over to a different degree. Here, we’ve popped together an epic list of Careers with STEM’s most-searched uni degrees of 2023 to get you thinking about study paths you might not have considered yet.

Our most-searched uni degrees

1. Bachelor of Science

Surprised, much? A Bachelor of Science is broad and flexible, making it a great option for those who haven’t quite made up their minds on which career path they’ll head down. From a science degree you can head into almost any STEM field – Marine biology! Nuclear science! Health science! – and the job opportunities are just as epic.  

Because our Bachelor of Science content is clicked so much, we’ve created a quiz to break down each specialisation and match you to your perfect science degree major.  

2. Bachelor of Computer Science 

Great news for students looking into computer science degrees! According to a report from tech association, ACS, Australia’s technology sector is growing faster than other professional industries.

Computer science is a great pathway to kickstart if you’re looking to future-proof your career, as tech grads are in demand in so many industries –biology, health, defence, design, finance, cybersecurity – everywhere!

With so many amazing tech degrees and jobs to explore, our popular computer science quiz will match you up with a compatible major.

Get computer science career inspo in the latest issue of Careers with STEM: Technology!

3. Bachelor of Engineering

No surprise that the ‘E’ in STEM is up there with one of our most-popular featured degrees. And with the world currently facing multiple crises – climate change, natural disasters, war, a pandemic and food insecurity – it’s one of the most highly regarded with employers too. In Australia alone, more than 80% of engineering graduates land full-time jobs within four months of graduation.

The coolest thing about studying engineering is that you can combine it anything else you’re into to create your dream career. Team it with agriculture to help combat food shortages, or with Defence to protect your country. Working in renewable energy will play an active role in reducing carbon emissions, while a biomedical career could see you designing lifesaving equipment such as ventilators.

Take our engineering quiz here.

Want to be an engineer? Check out our FREE engineering Job Kits by clicking on the images below!

4. Bachelor of Animal Science

Working with creatures big and small as a 9-5? Sign us up! And it looks like this is a dream area of study for a lot of you too. If you’re passionate about animals and have really enjoyed science at high school, this might just be the perfect degree for you.

And it’s not all about becoming a vet (although these STEM pros are awesome!) – you could also be an animal ethicist, biosecurity researcher, or an animal conservationist… Just to name a few. Suss out more career opps here.

Can’t decide what animal science gig is for you? Take this quiz!

5. Bachelor of Health Science

Wanna get paid to improve people’s lives? From the popularity of our health pages, there are loads of you lining up to study something STEM + health related! By doing a health science degree you could partner your love of health and science with helping others.

The career opportunities are limitless – with tertiary specialisations including nutrition, biomedical science, pathology and more! Check out your options here.

Want info about choosing your degree or changing your uni preferences? We’ve got you covered. Head here for posts full of handy tips, insights and advice.

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