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The videos you couldn’t stop watching in 2023

Most watched videos

We were so excited to grow our YouTube subscribers this year – thanks for all the views!

Do you like to get your info from videos rather than an article or magazine? We’ve got you covered as we’ve turned lots of our popular stories into short and sharp videos to keep you up to date with all things STEM careers. Below, you’ll find our most watched videos in 2023, ranging from STEM gigs in the great outdoors to the corniest (but best) science jokes ever. Enjoy!

Most watched videos

1. Here’s 5 Outdoor Jobs if You Just Can’t Bear a Desk Job

Take this quiz to see which outdoorsy STEM gig is for you.

Think about it: your career is how you’ll be spending most of your waking hours for decades – so the nitty gritty of what your 9 to 5 work day actually looks like is pretty important, and for some people, regular opportunities to get their hands dirty outside could mean the difference between career satisfaction and searching job boards in their spare time. To get you started, here’s a list of 5 outdoor jobs that will see you spending a healthy portion of your work week living it up in the great outdoors.

2. The A-Z of STEM Careers

Find the STEM role models featured in this video here.

From astrophysicists to zoologists, we hunt down the coolest science roles in the job-verse. And nope, they don’t require a lab coat.

3. 5 Awesome Jobs Working with Animals

Check out our STEM + animals career hub here.

Are you animal obsessed? Make your dream job a reality with one of these 5 awesome jobs working with animals. You don’t have to become a vet to work with some furry friends every day! In this video, find 5 awesome job options with or without a degree.

4. These 10 Science Jokes Are So Bad They’re Good

Want more jokes? We have maths one too. Watch here.

How many did you get? Read all the jokes plus explanations – plus how to turn them into DIY, eco-friendly Christmas bon bons here.

5. What is Engineering?

For all things engineering careers, head here.

Engineering is awesome! But you probably want to know a little more about it before you dive into a specific degree or career path. Check out our engineering video to get an overview on the super popular ‘E’ in STEM.

Want more STEM career videos?

You should DEFINITELY subscribe to the Careers with STEM YouTube channel, if you haven’t already! Our most watched videos are great, but we have SO much more to share. Click the button below to get exploring.

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