Your career with NASA can start at the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide Engineering courses

Think you have to be an experienced engineer in the US to work with NASA? Think again.

A group of University of Adelaide engineering students built a CubeSat – a miniaturised satellite, also known as a nanosatellite. Launched by NASA, the CubeSat will explore the upper reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Our student projects look at the design, build and launch of CubeSats,” says Professor Anthony Zander, Head of School, Mechanical Engineering.

With a long tradition of inspiring alumni, the University of Adelaide made its mark in space with Australian-born astronaut Andy Thomas, who completed undergraduate and PhD studies in engineering at the university; and more recently with International Space Station Flight Operations Engineer Andrea Boyd, who works in Cologne, Germany.

Andrea says, “Working in mission control with all the international partners – the space sector is above politics and borders – we all speak the same engineering language.”

The University of Adelaide’s expertise in aerospace and related disciplines means there is strong demand for graduates.

But if aerospace isn’t your thing, the university offers over 60 engineering, computer and mathematical sciences courses with topics including biomedical, environmental, sustainable energy, sports, computer systems and much more.

– Penny Pryor

TO GET THERE: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical and Aerospace), University of Adelaide

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“Our student projects look at the design, build and launch of CubeSats.”


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