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Looking for a sustainable career in STEM? Register for this National Science Week event!

Careers with STEM presents a special National Science Week panel discussion at QUT on STEM + Sustainability

Do you love science and tech and want a career that can help combat climate change, preserve our reefs, mitigate disasters  or secure our future food? There are many ways you can combine your sustainable planet goals with science, maths and tech study and career paths at QUT. And have we got the National Science Week event to tell you all about it!

In this special National Science Week panel, delivered during QUT’s Sustainability Week, we will explore the many and varied careers that combine science, maths or tech with sustainability, creating careers that will preserve our planet.

Hear from recent graduates, QUT academics and industry representatives who have combined their STEM study with their passion for sustainability.

Event details

When: Tuesday 22 August, 12.30pm – 1.30pm (arrive at 12pm)
Location: Gibson Room (Level 10, Z Block), @ QUT’s Garden Point campus. Also live streamed.

Meet the moderator

Kate Helmstedt, Associate Professor of Mathematics, QUT

Kate’s research uses maths to guide smart decision making for ecosystem management, so future management can be more cost-efficient, transparent, and defensible. Ecological systems are incredibly complex, and changing how those systems interact and evolve can have unexpected implications. Kate builds mathematical models of ecological, land-use, and economic systems to understand what drives success, failure, and efficiency of management. She leads the QUT Applied Mathematical Ecology Group and co-leads the Natural and Environmental Systems domain in the Centre for Data Science. She has been an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Fellow, a Queensland Tall Poppy, and a Women in Technology Rising Star in Science.

Meet the speakers

Dr Erin Evans, CEO of Life Sciences Qld

Erin is CEO of Life Sciences Qld, an entrepreneur and internationally experienced executive, consultant and Board Chair. She has extensive experience as a consultant and developed corporate and degree programs in Systems Thinking and managing organisational complexity at QUT and ICCPM. She led the Complex Project Management education at QUT and Director of Education and Development at ICCPM working with diverse clients including CASG, Raytheon, Boeing, Thales, Sydney Trains, TAFE NSW and BAE. She delivers programs internationally to develop capability and deliver transformational projects.

Erin is former Chair of Health Consumers Queensland, and chaired governance committees at Queensland Health and Queensland Genomics. She sat on the QLD Clinical Senate Executive and QLD Clinical Networks Executive.

Kate Watson, Power Systems Engineer

Kate Watson

Kate Watson is a recent QUT graduate working at PSC (Power Systems Consultants) as a power systems engineer. PSC models new renewable energy plants for clients to achieve the best performance they can while meeting Australia’s National Electricity Rules. The main parts of the job includes Python programming, data analysis and power systems analysis where she runs simulations to test how the plant responds to different situations within the electricity grid.

Kate recently graduated from a double degree in electrical engineering and environmental science, where she also completed four internships, an energy industry bursary and an international exchange program.

Brett Lewis, Earth and Atmospheric Scientist

Brett is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at QUT’s School of Earth and Atmospheric Science where he studies coral biology, behaviour and adaptation using high resolution 2D and 3D microscopy, videography and model development. Brett has filmed for the BBC and his imagery and videos have featured in over a dozen documentaries.

For the past three years Brett has sat on the council for the Australian Coral Reef Society – the world’s oldest society dedicated to coral reef science – where he has influenced policy, helped produce a coffee table book and exhibit at the Queensland Museum documenting 100 years of coral reef sciences, and a line of merchandise whose proceeds support HDR student research of Australia’s coral reefs. Brett consistently engages with schools and agencies across rural and urban Australia to engage students and the next generation of scientists.

Professor Sagadevan Mundree, Head of School, Biology and Environmental Science

Professor Mundree is currently the Acting Head of School for the School of Biology and Environmental Science at QUT.

Previously he has held roles as Director for the Centre for Agriculture and Bioeconomy and Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities at QUT.

He was also a General Manager within the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries in the Queensland Government and is a former academic from the University of Cape Town and served as Chief Executive Officer of South Africa’s National Innovation Centre for Agricultural Biotechnology.

Professor Mundree is a world-leading expert in agricultural biotechnology, leading research
and teams focused on making crops that are more resilient to environmental stresses such
as drought and salinity, and value-addition to deliver nutritious products. He focuses on
transdisciplinary solutions for challenges facing vulnerable populations in food scarcity and
the effects of climate change on food quality and food production. He also integrates
concepts of the circular economy to develop sustainable food production approaches. In
collaboration with governments, industry, and Indigenous communities, he is
creating innovative ways to solve global food challenges.

Professor Mundree is a Fulbright Scholar, and a winner of the BIOAfrica President’s Award in
recognition of his leadership in developing research, development and commercialisation
programs for the African biotechnology sector.

About QUT

QUT is known as “the university for the real world” because of the approach of embedding real world learning into their courses, as well as linking students to real-world projects through work-integrated learning. So if you’re looking for a great start to your career, then expect to get an amazing, hands-on STEM learning at QUT! 

About Careers with STEM

Careers with STEM is Australia’s leading career website, is well-known for its career success formula: STEM + X – where STEM is your foundation and ‘X’ is your passion, an interest, another subject, a big opportunity or life-changing goal. 

STEM + X can lead you to some surprising careers today, and into the future. Find out how you can combine your X with STEM at QUT and be the change you want to see in the world tomorrow.

Register now for this epic National Science Week event

This panel will take place at QUT’s Garden Point campus on Tuesday 22 August at 12.30pm. It’s free to attend but be sure to reserve your spot. Click on the button below for more details and to register. The event will also be live streamed if you’re unable to attend in person.


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