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New Careers with Economics issue out now!

Use economics + data to build an economics career solving Australia’s biggest challenges

Thanks to the Reserve Bank of Australia, the latest issue of Careers with STEM includes a special flip edition on careers in economics. 

In this edition we focus on data – and how powerful it can be! Specifically, how economists use data to help solve some of Australia’s biggest issues – like employment, climate change and mental health.

As Reserve Bank Assistant Governor Brad Jones says, economics “provides you with a broad prism through which you can better understand the world around you”. 

“Without a solid grasp of economics, you can’t understand the rise and fall of empires, why some countries have prospered while others have stagnated, or consider the implications for society of income inequality, climate change, geopolitical conflict and pandemics,” Brad says.

Read more about Brad’s fulfilling career in the latest issue of Careers with STEM: Economics.

Plus, read all about RBA economists Siddarth Roche, Madison Terrell and Emma Chow. And hear how they got their awesome gigs in the video below.

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