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New maths & data magazine out now

If numbers are your thing you’ll already be into some of the careers we’re showcasing in the latest magazine. But even if they’re not, you’ll find inspiration here.

In almost every career today, being able to think logically — helped by learning maths — is up there on the most wanted skills list. And in our world of big data and artificial intelligence, being able to collect, analyse, and interpret data is also growing in importance.

That’s why our latest magazine showcases the diversity of careers available when you combine maths & data. Careers with STEM: Maths & Data is packed with inspiring real-world career profiles, exploring some familiar and some surprising maths career pathways, including in startups, finance, mining and meteorology. Plus meet some superstars (who weren’t always big fans of maths) using maths and data to change people’s lives.

And have you ever wondered what an economist does? Flip the magazine over for a special 8-page guide, including a day in the life of a Reserve Bank graduate analyst.

Look out for the free copy of Careers with STEM: Maths & Data that we’ve sent to your secondary school or uni this term.

Click here to order additional copies of this magazine or any of our back issues, or to read the free online versions.

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