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New STEM degrees for 2023 – suss ’em out at Open Day!

New STEM degrees

Heading to an Open Day this year but haven’t decided on your dream course? Here are five new degrees that might be a good fit for you

If you’re touring the University of Western Australia, University of Newcastle, University of South Australia, Flinders University or Australian Catholic University this year, read up on their new STEM degrees and write down a bunch of questions about them to take with you on Open Day.

New STEM degrees in 2023

1. Bachelor of Geographical and Spatial Science – University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia in Perth. Image: Shutterstock

Want to help tackle big global issues like climate change, land degradation and growing populations? This could be the course for you. The Bachelor of Geographical and Spatial Science is all about understanding environmental processes (including climate and hydrology) and how they interact with people and economies worldwide.

This degree will also give you expert spatial data skills (including analysis and visualisation), which are super in-demand!

Fast facts

STEM + X: Maths + environment

Minimum ATAR: 80

Prerequisites: Mathematics Methods ATAR or Mathematics Applications ATAR with a mathematics units taken in your first year of study. Students without ATAR mathematics will take two first year mathematics units.

Duration: Three years full-time


  • GIS officer
  • Spatial scientist
  • GIS and spatial analyst
  • Remote sensing specialist
  • Environmental consultant

Find out more about the Bachelor of Geographical and Spatial Science on the University of Western Australia website.

2. Bachelor of Aerospace Systems Engineering (Honours) – University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle, city campus. Image: Paskaran.T / Shutterstock

If you’re into all things space and think designing, operating and modifying highly technical aerospace systems for a living would be super cool, check out this new STEM degree.

According to the University of Newcastle, “Aerospace systems engineers understand and control the response of aerospace systems to complex interactions between sensors, controllers, actuators and other subsystems. They ensure trouble-free, safe and efficient operations.”

And if Defence is also your jam, here’s a bonus: this program was developed in partnership with the Australian Defence Force and the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Fast facts

STEM + X: Engineering + space

Selection rank: 75.00

Assumed knowledge: HSC Mathematics (Band 5 or above) or equivalent. Study of one science-related subject would be an advantage (Biology, Physics or Chemistry preferred).

Recommended studies: HSC Mathematics Extension 1 or equivalent. Study of one science-related subject would also be an advantage (Biology, Physics or Chemistry preferred).

Duration: Four years full-time

Careers: Aerospace system engineers can work on airlines, for aircraft design and manufacturing companies, and for the Australian Defence Force

To learn more about the Bachelor of Aerospace Systems Engineering (Honours), head on over to the University of Newcastle website.


Watch this video for tips on how to prepare for Open Day! Subscribe to the Careers with STEM YouTube channel for more STEM study and career video content.

3. Bachelor of Digital Business – University of South Australia (Online)

The University of South Australia in Adelaide. Image: Mariangela Cruz / Shutterstock

We love that the University of South Australia has teamed up with tech giant Accenture to create this incredible new STEM degree! If Business Studies is your favourite subject at school but you want to add some STEM into the mix to up your employability down the track, this is a great combo.

The Bachelor of Digital Business will teach you to be a digital business leader and will cover areas like AI, cloud and blockchain. It also explores the links between tech and business, and deep dives into business communication, problem solving and design thinking – skills that are useful in a wide range of industries.

Awesome opportunity alert: All final year students of this degree will be invited to participate in the highly sought-after graduate recruitment program at Accenture!

Fast facts

STEM + X: Technology + business

Entry requirements: See here

Prerequisites: None

Duration: Three years full-time


  • Digital business solution and transformation consultant
  • Business analyst
  • Digital transformation lead
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business systems analyst
  • Business change consultant

Find out more about the Bachelor of Digital Business on the University of South Australia (Online) website.

4. Bachelor of Information Technology (Machine Learning) (Honours) – Flinders University

Flinders University in Adelaide. Image: jixiang liu / Shutterstock

All about future proofing your career? We think you’ll love the Bachelor of Information Technology (Machine Learning) at Flinders University. The aim of this new STEM degree is to turn you into an IT professional who can innovate and develop the next gen of machine learning and artificial intelligence based applications.

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to develop sophisticated solutions to complex problems using machine learning tools and you could find yourself working in Defence, tech, health, education or government. Epic!

This course also offers work experience and job placement while you’re in your third year, setting you up with some solid industry connections.

Fast facts

STEM + X: Technology + robotics & AI

2023 selection rank: 70.00

Guaranteed selection rank: 80.00

TAFElink: Certificate IV or above

Prerequisites: None

Duration: Four years full-time

Get across all the Bachelor of Information Technology (Machine Learning) (Honours) has to offer on the Flinders University website.

5. Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Nutrition Science – Australian Catholic University

ACU in Melbourne. Image: Benjamin Crone / Shutterstock

This one isn’t available until 2024 but we thought we’d sneak it in anyway so you can ask lots of questions about it at ACU’s Open Days.

The Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Nutrition Science double degree will combine nutrition science knowledge (focusing on general health care, chronic disease management and emerging areas) with the science behind food and nutrition, including human physiology and biochemistry. Add in the psychology part, and you’ll also skill up in lifespan development, biological and social abnormal psychology, research methods and more.

Definitely one to look into if you can’t decide between a nutrition or psychology study and career path (do both!) or are interested in gaining insights from both of these fields.

Keep an eye on ACU’s website for new details (you can also register your interest). So far we know that Blacktown, Melbourne and Strathfield campuses will be offering this degree.

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Preparing to head along to a university Open Day? Check out our Open Day hub for tips and insights, and for help deciding what and where to study.

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