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New STEM degrees for 2025

New STEM degrees for 2025

Heading to a university Open Day this year? Be sure to ask about these fresh study paths!

If you’re still undecided what degree you’d like to study after school then we’ve got some new options for you to consider! Below are new STEM degrees for 2025 launching at university’s across Australia. Be sure to ask lots of questions about them at Open Day this year, as university staff and students will have all the latest details to share with you, plus insights on what it’s like to study there!

New STEM degrees for 2025

1. Bachelor of Speech Pathology, ACU

Interested in STEM + health careers? You should become a speech pathologist (a.k.a. a speechie!). They are communication pros and work with people of all ages to help with communication and swallowing issues through tailored treatment and therapy plans. ACU’s Bachelor of Speech Pathology prepares you for a gig in this space through work placement and engaging, up-to-date theory units.

This degree is coming to ACU’s Canberra campus in 2025 and they’re hosting an information session webinar on July 31 if you’re keen to learn more!

Duration: Four years full-time.
Start date: Semester 1 intake begins February 2025. Applications open August 2024.

2. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, ACU

Here’s another area of study to consider if you’d like to work in health! Occupational therapy is all about working with people to overcome physical, sensory and cognitive problems. It’s an OT’s job to help them gain independence through targeted activities, exercise, therapies and equipment. They can work in schools, hospitals, rehab centres, and mental health facilities.

ACU’s Bachelor of Occupational Therapy is coming to their Canberra campus in 2025. It focuses on work placement and community engagement to help equip you with the skills you’ll need to make an impact in your OT career.

Duration: Four years full-time.
Start date: Semester 1 intake begins February 2025. Applications open August 2024.
Entry requirements: Find out more.

3. Bachelor of Science with new majors, Macquarie University

Image: aiyoshi597 /

Macquarie University is revamping its Bachelor of Science and will offer 11 new majors:

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Human Biology
  • Marine Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychological Science
  • Statistical Data Science

Keep you eyes peeled to their website for more info coming soon, and head along to Macquarie’s Open Day on August 10 and ask the science faculty heaps of questions!

4. Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney

Image: Taras Vyshnya /

Mix your passion for science and creativity with this new double degree at the University of Sydney. In the new Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts, You’ll complete one major in science, one major in arts and a minor from a shared pool. This really gives you the opportunity to design your own degree with the benefits of STEM skills and knowledge combined with the super important soft skills an arts qualification can help you with in the workplace.

Check out the major and minor options on the UAC website. There are SO many to choose from!

Duration: Four years full-time.
Start date: February 24, 2025.
Admission criteria: See here.

5. Bachelor of Science (Climate Science), QUT

Image: EQRoy /

If you’re passionate about science and the environment, you definitely need to consider QUT’s Bachelor of Science (Climate Science). This new degree will give you a deep understanding of climate science principles and could set you up for a career as:

  • An air quality scientist
  • A carbon emissions auditor
  • A climate change impacts forecaster
  • A climate change policy advisor
  • A climate risk estimator
  • A research assistant
  • A science communicator
  • A secondary school teacher
  • A weather forecaster

Definitely one to ask about on QUT’s Open Day, which will be held on July 28.

Duration: Three years full-time.
Start date: February and July 2025.
Assume knowledge: Check here.

And another shout out to QUT…

In 2025, QUT is introducing QUT You, which is a program is designed to prepare you for a rapidly changing future and includes units and experiences as part of your course that develop your skills in areas such as critical and creative thinking, self-awareness and digital fluency. It will be a part of all undergraduate courses and you’ll be able to choose out of 10 QUT You units, including artificial intelligence in the real world, data science for society and people with robots. View all the options here.

For more on how to make the most of Open Day, head on over to our Open Day information hub.


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