All-female science superstars announced for 2019

Superstars of STEM Amy Heffernan

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the Hon Karen Andrews MP, has named 60 new Superstars of STEM for 2019. In case you missed it, the Superstars of STEM are an all-female group of some of Australia’s most inspiring scientists, technologists and educators.

The women will smash gender stereotypes by being public examples of the diverse range of people working in STEM, and being role models to encourage girls to consider a career in STEM.

Professor Emma Johnston AO, President of Science & Technology Australia, said the women would no longer be hiding their scientific superpowers, and would share them with as many Australians as possible following the launch.

“When we launched the program last year, I said that the stereotypical scientists was an old man in a white coat,” Professor Johnston said.

“Thanks to the first 30 Superstars this is starting to change, and with 60 more announced today, we will be well on our way to permanently smashing the stereotype.”



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Last year’s cohort included some faces you might recognise; Amy Heffernan, cover star of Careers with STEM: Science magazine 2018, as well as Nicky Ringland, Sanam MustafaSue Keay, Francesca Maclean, Jodie Ward, Muireann Irish and many more!

“Women represent 50 per cent of the intelligence, skill and creativity of our nation’s population,” says Minister Andrews, “and yet recent figures show less than 16 per cent of Australia’s university and VET science, technology, engineering and maths graduates are women.”

“We know that by 2030, workers will spend 77 per cent more time using science and maths skills. With the demand for STEM know-how higher than ever, women have to be part of the solution.”

Hundreds of applications were received, and the successful Superstars of STEM will now begin a year of training and support before they actively engage with their communities and the media in 2020.

You’re going to want to keep an eye on these women for some ultimate career inspiration. Among them is a researcher working to develop a “key-hole surgery” inspired approach to mining, a conservationist with a love of reptiles and a mission to train them not to eat cane toads, someone exploring the personality of volcanoes and how to predict their behaviour, and many others.

“Each Superstar will connect with hundreds of school children; feature in local, national and international media; and serve as a representative for their work, their discipline and their sector,” Professor Johnston said.

“We are extremely proud to have seen hundreds of capable, skilled, confident women apply for the program, and really look forward to sharing the stories of these impressive 60 Superstars with the world.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the new Superstars of STEM!

2019 Superstars of STEM:

Dr Alexandra Thomson

Dr Eva Plaganyi-Lloyd

Felicity Furey

Dr Georgia Ward-Fear

Associate Professor Heidi Smith-Vaughan

Dr Helen Salouros

Dr Iona Novak

Dr Jacqueline Tate

Dr Jennie Mallela

Dr Joanne Lackenby

Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb

Dr Kalinda Griffiths

Dr Kari Pitts

Dr Kate Fox

Dr Kate Selway

Kate Cole

Dr Katie Sizeland

Dr Kirsten Ellis

Dr Kudzai Kanhutu

Kylie Bridger

Dr Laura Kuhar

Dr Linden Ashcroft

Dr Lizzy Lowe

Dr Madeline Mitchell

Dr Melanie Macgregor

Dr Muneera Bano

Narelle Underwood

Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker

Dr Onisha Patel

Dr Phoebe Meagher

Dr Roberta De Bei

Dr Samantha Grover

Dr Sarah Pearce

Dr Sharna Jamadar

Dr Sharon Hook

Dr Sonja Dominik

Erin Hughes

Dr Steph McLennan

Dr Susanna Cramb

Dr Teresa Wozniak

Dr Teresa Ubide

Dr Verena Schoepf

Dr Verity Normington

Dr Yanni Chin

Dr Erin Rayment

Dr Ellen Moon

Elaine van Bergen

Dr Devika Kamath

Dr Deborah Bower

Dr Charis Teh

Dr Cathy Robinson

Carolyn Thomas

Dr Caroline Moffat

Dr Caroline Moul

Bonnie Coxon

Dr Bianca Capra

Dr Beena Ahmed

Professor Asha Rao

Dr Anita Goh

Dr Amy Coetsee

Eliza Brockwell

Author: Eliza Brockwell

Eliza is passionate about creating content that encourages diversity of representation in STEM.


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